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Strengthening Wilkinson Sword’s online presence on Shopify Plus

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Wilkinson Sword is an iconic brand with a rich heritage. The team came to us to strengthen their position in the online space and rejuvenate their subscription offering.

Wilkinson Sword's original site failed to reflect its proud history, or effectively engage a high-end audience. The brand’s strategic shift towards direct-to-consumer sales demanded a more refined website with an optimised user experience.

The original site's theme was also complicated to manage, meaning the Wilkinson Sword team struggled to update content and adapt quickly to the changing needs of their audience.


We built Wilkinson Sword’s sleek new Shopify Plus site with a strong conversion focus, featuring a seamless customer journey and a brand-aligned visual narrative.

A strategic UX overhaul prioritised mobile-first design to enhance accessibility and engagement among their mobile-focussed audience. Plus, the introduction of a ‘quick shop’ feature streamlined the subscription process, boosting subscriber acquisition.

Post-launch, Wilkinson Sword experienced a significant uplift in their ecommerce performance metrics, including a 42% increase in online revenue, a 43% boost in subscribers, an 11% uplift in conversion rate, and a 9% growth in average order value (when compared with the same period in the previous year).


Wilkinson Sword, a brand synonymous with quality and heritage, partnered with UWP to support their renewed ecommerce focus and compete with growing names in the personal care space.

We redesigned and built their new Shopify Plus store, blending the brand’s rich history with modern ecommerce functionalities, a seamless user experience and a mobile-first design. We also simplified the site’s backend, making it quicker and easier for the Wilkinson Sword team to manage and update the site.

A key goal of this project was to ensure the new site appeals to younger audiences, without alienating Wilkinson Sword’s existing customer base. We achieved this by crafting a customer journey that intuitively guides users through the site, ensuring each touchpoint is thoughtfully aligned with the brand's identity and the diverse needs of its audience.

Post-launch, the site's performance soared, leading to substantial growth in revenue and subscribers.

We continue to support Wilkinson Sword’s ecommerce growth with a design, development and SEO retainer.

“Since launch, we have seen a strong uplift in KPIs, as well as received very positive feedback from customers and the wider business. We're looking forward to working with UWP again on future projects.”

Hannah Beech, DTC Manager