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As a trusted Shopify Plus Partner, we help brands migrate seamlessly to the platform, providing a robust foundation to scale and unlock their full potential.

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Your seamless Shopify migration

Making the move to a new ecommerce platform can be daunting as it requires a lot of work, planning and research. We’ll guide your brand every step of the way; designing your Shopify store, migrating your data and products, and optimising your new site for maximum success. Here’s how we’ll do it.

01. PLAN

Before website migration begins, our team of strategists, UX experts, designers and developers will run an audit of your site to identify what needs to be transferred. This is when we figure out which data must go with you to your new home on Shopify, how we can optimise your theme for go-live, and which third-party apps will drive the growth of your ecommerce business.


It’s time to migrate to Shopify. Our migration experts will bring your enhanced site to life, ensuring your refreshed design, payment processing, and any new functionality are running smoothly. Meanwhile, our back-end developers take care of warehouse and point of sale integrations, so sales keep going (and rising) during the migration process.


Get your new Shopify store noticed. Our SEO team makes sure you retain your existing online presence, while identifying opportunities to elevate your visibility. Creatives level up your copy and content for a market-leading user experience, while our CRM experts transfer your email data, and customise your transactional flows.


Stress-free Shopify migration services

As Shopify Plus partners, we can be trusted to ensure your migration goes smoothly from beginning to end. Then we train you on how to use the platform effectively, so you can take control of your store.

Want to supercharge your growth once the foundations have been set? We use a continuous improvement approach to elevate your brand and make sure that you’re always at the top of your game, offering growth strategies and services that boost your traffic, customer base and revenue.

Excel on Shopify

If you’re ready to excel on Shopify, we’re here to help. Our migration experts will guide you along the way and manage the daunting task of transferring all your data.

Customisable features

Shopify is well-known for its vast and varied opportunities for customisation. We’ll help you make the most of these features to build out your unique customer journey.

Turn browsers into buyers

Your Shopify migration is also your opportunity to embrace a new, user-friendly design. Our UX design specialists will craft one that converts your browsers into buyers.

Case study

After migrating to Shopify Plus, Pineapple Dance Studios’ site loaded 40% faster

Iconic dance studio and fashion brand Pineapple Dance Studios migrated to Shopify Plus after years of dealing with slow site speeds, a tricky user interface and regular outages on Magento.

After moving to Shopify Plus, their site’s performance improved, their need for costly development changes decreased and Pineapple increased sales by 207% in just 2 months. Read about how we managed this migration now.

Our collaborators

Unlock ecommerce excellence

When it comes to the Shopify ecosystem, there are a vast variety of tools on offer to help you enhance your customer experience and drive revenue. We’ve partnered with the industry’s best-loved tech to empower you to get the best out of the Shopify Plus platform. These market-leading partners help us – and you – unlock ecommerce excellence.


What our clients say

"Underwaterpistol have been absolutely amazing for us. The recommendations they have made to the site with regards to loyalty, tools and Shopify Plus itself has helped our team to grow sustainably."

Ross Worswick, Creative Director at Couture Club

“During the project and since then we’ve always trusted and valued UWP’s feedback and recommendations, and we’ve always felt like our website is in the best hands. I’d strongly recommend UWP to anyone taking on a web project or looking for day to day help with web dev."

Lisa Neatham, Head of Marketing at Great Little Trading Company

"What I like about the UWP team is how collaborative and results focussed they are. They genuinely feel like an extension of our internal team and obviously care deeply about helping us to succeed."

James Oakes, Chief International Officer at Omaze UK

"UWP is like having an in-house website team. The communication is insane and they really do care about our success. They have experts in every field so working with UWP is one of the best decisions we’ve made."

Oliver White, Founder of Goose and Gander


Frequently asked questions

Why should I consider migrating to Shopify?

Shopify is well-known in the ecommerce space for its many appealing features, and there are a range of reasons why you might consider migrating your online store to the platform. These include Shopify and Shopify Plus’ user-friendly interface, powerful features and integrations, robust security, and reliable hosting. On top of this, Shopify Plus is designed to scale with your business, making it a savvy choice for high-growth brands.

Which platforms can be migrated to Shopify?
What’s involved in a Shopify migration?
Will my SEO rankings be affected by migrating to Shopify?

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One way ticket to Shopify Plus

Moving on from Magento? Here's your guide to a smooth Shopify Plus migration.

In this ebook, you’ll discover every step involved in a Magento to Shopify Plus migration, from optimising the front end to making the most of Plus’ countless capabilities.

With a focus on making the move seamless for you and your customers, this guide ensures that you have every eventuality covered. Get your copy now.


Featured work

Over the past two decades, we’ve been lucky enough to work with innovative brands across a wide range of verticals. We specialise in designing, building and optimising industry-leading ecommerce stores, working strategically to create stand-out customer experiences that sell. Here are just some of the conversion-boosting projects we’ve worked on.

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