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We were one of the UK's first Shopify Plus agencies. Since 2014, we've been working with hypergrowth ecommerce brands to boost conversions, enhance retention and curate industry-leading customer experiences.

What our agency does

Convert more, retain better

As Shopify Plus experts with over two decades in the business, we know exactly what it takes to build market-leading ecommerce brands, focussing on conversion and retention to maximise your success.

Our in-depth knowledge of the ecommerce space and expertise as Shopify Plus Partners allows us to be a driving force in the development and growth of our partners' businesses. From optimisation and customisation to advanced analytics and beyond, our experienced team will help you achieve maximum ROI and sustainable growth.

Our Shopify services

Specialist Shopify Plus agency services to amplify your ecommerce success

Whether you’re optimising an existing store or migrating to Shopify Plus, we offer a range of ecommerce services to accelerate the growth of your online business. We’re vetted Shopify Plus service partners. We know what we're talking about.

Our Shopify collaborators

Unlock ecommerce excellence

When it comes to the Shopify ecosystem, there are a vast variety of tools on offer to help you enhance your customer experience and drive revenue. We’ve partnered with the industry’s best-loved tech to empower you to get the best out of the Shopify Plus platform. These market-leading partners help us – and you – unlock ecommerce excellence.

Case study

Increasing The Couture Club’s conversion rate by +28% on Shopify Plus

After helping The Couture Club navigate the Shopify ecosystem and increase their conversion rate by +28%, we levelled up their loyalty scheme to produce a +58% increase in sign-ups.

"Moving to Shopify Plus would have been a lot easier if we'd worked with Underwaterpistol from the start! The move itself wasn’t difficult, as Shopify makes it so easy. But initially we didn't get what we expected without the right agency team behind us. As soon as we started working with Underwaterpistol, we had an additional 30 people to support us with Shopify Plus expertise and knowledge in different areas. It’s about finding the right agency to partner up with."

- Scott Shashua, Director at The Couture Club

Expert Shopify Plus agency

Why Shopify Plus?

If your business is experiencing rapid growth but your day-to-day workflows and lack of customisation options are holding you back, it’s time to move to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level ecommerce platform that is designed to handle high-volumes of traffic and large quantities of orders. To be precise, the highly-reputable platform supports more than 10,000 peak orders every minute, and four million hits a second – now that’s some serious traffic. Shopify Plus is perfect for fast-growing brands that are looking to scale up and expand their operations.

One of the key advantages of Shopify Plus is its scalability. As your ecommerce company grows, the platform allows you to seamlessly expand to multi- and omnichannel, embracing new sales channels to expand your reach. Shopify Plus also supports internationalisation, making it easy for you to sell your products across different countries and accept payments in different currencies.

On top of this, one of Shopify Plus’ main selling points is the exciting opportunities it provides for customisation. Shopify Plus is really flexible, enabling you to change the look and feel of the all-important checkout experience and implement additional functionality that can give you the edge. You can curate unique customer experiences that reflect your brand identity, and tailor your store's functionality to your specific business needs. This can help you stand out from your competitors and offer a more personalised shopping experience to your customers.

Upgrading to Shopify Plus can be a significant investment. However, if your business is growing quickly and your current ecommerce platform is holding you back, moving to Shopify Plus could be the solution to take your business to the next level. Our Shopify agency can help you navigate the transition and make the most out of this powerful platform. Talk to us to find out more.


What our ecommerce clients say

"Underwaterpistol have been absolutely amazing for us. The recommendations they have made to the site with regards to loyalty, tools and Shopify Plus itself has helped our team to grow sustainably."

Ross Worswick, Creative Director at Couture Club

“We’ve always trusted and valued UWP’s feedback and recommendations, and we’ve always felt like our website is in the best hands. I’d strongly recommend UWP to anyone looking to migrate to Shopify Plus."

Lisa Neatham, Head of Marketing at Great Little Trading Company

"UWP is like having an in-house website team. The communication is insane and they really do care about our success. They have experts in every field so working with UWP is one of the best decisions we’ve made."

Oliver White, Founder of Goose and Gander

"What I like about the UWP team is how collaborative and results focussed they are. They genuinely feel like an extension of our internal team and obviously care deeply about helping us to succeed."

James Oakes, Chief International Officer at Omaze UK


Frequently asked questions

What makes Underwaterpistol a specialist Shopify Plus agency?

We’re a certified Shopify Plus agency, which means we’re part of a small group of vetted agencies and professionals who bring years of experience and expertise to Shopify merchants. Our team of Shopify Plus experts have a proven track record of delivering successful ecommerce strategies and solutions for large and complex businesses, and we have extensive experience with the Shopify Plus platform.

If you want to effectively leverage Shopify Plus’ capabilities to grow your business, you need a specialist Shopify Plus agency by your side. If you want that agency to truly care about helping you achieve success, you need Underwaterpistol.

What services do you offer as a Shopify Plus agency?
Can you help me migrate to Shopify Plus from another ecommerce platform?
What kind of support and maintenance do you offer for Shopify Plus stores?

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One way ticket to Shopify Plus

Moving on from Magento? Here's your guide to a smooth Shopify Plus migration.

In this ebook, you’ll discover every step involved in a Magento to Shopify Plus migration, from optimising the front end to making the most of Plus’ countless capabilities.

With a focus on making the move seamless for you and your customers, this guide ensures that you have every eventuality covered. Get your copy now.


Featured work

Over the past two decades, we’ve been lucky enough to work with innovative brands across a wide range of verticals. We specialise in designing, building and optimising industry-leading ecommerce stores, working strategically to create stand-out customer experiences that sell. Here are just some of the conversion-boosting projects we’ve worked on.

Expert Shopify Plus agency partners

We’re an award-winning Shopify Plus agency with the expertise to take your site to the next level. Talk to us about creating your roadmap to success.

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