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The Fish Society is the UK’s no. 1 online fishmonger, serving up premium quality frozen fish across the country. Despite the business’ growing popularity and successful rebrand, The Fish Society’s ecommerce platform (Shopware) was slowing their progress, making content management, merchandising and general strategic agility difficult - and expensive.

Their site was also hampered with cumbersome user journeys and convoluted categorisation that stifled their conversion rates.

With a desire to give their team greater flexibility, and Shopware’s end of life fast approaching, The Fish Society wanted an experienced partner to migrate them to Shopify Plus and remove friction in the user journey with a full redesign. That’s where UWP came in.


The Fish Society’s redesigned and reinvigorated site features a seamless customer journey that maximises its conversion potential.

We migrated the site from Shopware to Shopify Plus, and carried out a full overhaul of the user experience. This included reorganising the site’s structure, navigation and categorisation. The result is a more intuitive interface, making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

The transition to Shopify Plus was strategically aimed at leveraging the platform's robust customisation capabilities, which we enhanced with additional functionalities. This upgrade equips The Fish Society’s team to quickly and easily modify their site, and respond to dynamic market trends and consumer preferences.


The Fish Society was founded to deliver the freshest fish to the UK’s hungriest seafood aficionados. They insist on freezing their catch quickly after returning to shore to maintain maximum freshness, an innovative approach that has attracted much press attention in recent years.

The Fish Society’s previous site was built on Shopware, which was coming to its end of life. This posed an exciting opportunity for the brand to embrace a more robust and reliable platform, and take their recent packaging rebrand online.

They chose Shopify Plus because they sought a platform that would scale with them, and effectively manage their growing ecommerce operations.

The Fish Society’s new website features a sleek new design and UX-focus that drives engagement, conversions and revenue. And, with Shopify Plus’ distinctive customisation capabilities, it also empowers their team to edit and update the site on an ongoing basis.

We continue to support The Fish Society’s growth with design and development.