Rebranding and rejuvenating Cornish furniture specialist Roseland’s new site

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With a decade-long history in the furniture space, Roseland know what it takes to source high-quality yet affordable homeware that their customers love. Their next challenge was to effectively showcase this expertise across a new website, brand and ecommerce strategy.

Roseland approached us to establish a robust new brand that allows them to stand out in an incredibly competitive industry. They wanted to incorporate this new brand into a sleek, user-friendly site that’s laser-focussed on delivering a top-notch customer experience and increasing key ecommerce metrics. 

Their existing website demanded consistent branding, stand-out creative assets, a UX overhaul and new optimisations to increase its effectiveness and efficiency. 


Roseland’s captivating new brand honours their proud heritage and furniture expertise.

Within the new brand, we embraced a neutral colour palette inspired by nature to create a harmonious look. A more contemporary logo, typography, icons and product photography guidelines aimed to evoke a warmer feel, incorporating clean lines and a more modern look. 

We took Roseland’s sleek new brand online by creating a modern user interface and introducing new features to the site, including improved product recommendations, bundling options, and opportunities for upsells/cross-sells. These new features help Roseland to increase their AOV (average order value) while also enhancing the experience of their customers on their site. 


Proudly rooted in Cornwall, furniture specialists Roseland came to us to reassess, rebrand and rejuvenate their website. Why? To supercharge their growth, reinforce consistency across the entire omnichannel user journey, and to help establish Roseland as a household name.

Roseland’s project demanded support from many different teams at UWP, from design and development to ecommerce strategy. 

When it came to branding, Roseland were keen to embrace a modern look and feel to launch the brand into an exciting new era. We achieved this by creating a new logo, typography and product photography guidelines to inspire future visual content on their site. 

We also produced a comprehensive brand bible which included art direction, a style guide and tone of voice guidelines to guide Roseland in the production of their creative assets. This allows the team to continue to take the new brand into their own hands. 

A key part of this project involved making Roseland’s new brand applicable across multiple different channels, including their bespoke new site, which our development team built from scratch. We incorporated the enhanced brand across the new site while also prioritising a seamless user experience, and integrating new revenue- and conversion- driving features.

With their powerful new brand, Roseland were ready to make a lasting impression in their industry, capturing the attention of existing and potential customers alike.