Launching Renais’ luxury gin product on an immersive, conversion-focussed website

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Renais is a luxury, sustainability-focussed gin brand founded by Alex & Emma Watson. Crafted around the Watson family’s winemaking tradition, Renais was keen to launch their exclusive product in the UK on a sleek, highly optimised website.

Across the site, Renais wanted to showcase the brand’s three core pillars; family heritage, the provenance of the Chablis region and the top-quality Grand Cru grape skins. They also needed expert design direction to bring their premium brand to life.

A key challenge for this project was differentiating the site and product from others in the crowded premium spirits market, particularly those with celebrity endorsement.


The intuitive website we built for Renais offers an immersive experience that transports users into the captivating world of the brand, and the Watson family.

Utilising Renais’ beautiful imagery and videography, we effectively communicated the brand’s distinctive identity and premium feel throughout the buying journey, merging storytelling with the product itself. Across the new site, we ensured that best practice UX enables users to navigate seamlessly as they discover the story of the brand, while increasing the likelihood that they convert.

We also incorporated engaging interactive elements, including an animated 3D model of the Renais gin bottle that enables users to scroll and see the ingredients that make up each bottle.

Upon launching the site, Renais achieved impressive results, including a conversion rate of 2.89% across the launch weekend (despite a traffic surge). This metric highlights the new site’s effectiveness at engaging visitors and driving conversions, despite being part of the initial stage of brand awareness and customer acquisition.


Renais is an exceptional new sustainable gin brand proudly endorsed by Emma Watson. The premium brand offers a single high quality product crafted with exclusive ingredients and backed by a rich heritage and family values.

As Renais initially launched with a single SKU, this project provided the UWP team with a unique opportunity to create something truly distinctive, putting storytelling at the centre.

To meet our objectives, the website was meticulously crafted to deliver an emotive and sensory experience, evoking an idealised lifestyle for visitors. Through powerful imagery, sleek animations and intuitive navigation, we transport users on a journey that captures the essence of the Renais brand and the proud Watson family heritage.

The storytelling focus across the Renais website adds value to the end user by immersing them in a captivating narrative that enhances their connection with the brand, creating a more meaningful and memorable gin purchasing experience.

The Renais website was designed to embody the brand's ethos and offer a unique, emotive, and sensory experience to visitors. By combining strategic storytelling with visually captivating design elements, we successfully reached our target audience and conveyed the brand's values throughout the buying journey.

We continue to work with Renais to add enhancements to the website as the brand grows.