Migrating bold footwear brand RAID from Magento to Shopify Plus








Shopify Plus






Keen to embrace the platform’s enhanced content management and design capabilities, RAID approached us to migrate their store from Magento to Shopify Plus.

RAID’s new store needed to be as on-trend as their shoes, with conversion-driving features, UX fixes and a slick new design to appeal to their Gen Z and Millennial audience.

The key goals of this project included optimising the sparse product pages, streamlining the customer journey, creating a thumb-stopping look and feel, and making the RAID team’s day-to-day admin more efficient.

Meanwhile, the migration needed to be completed across three territories: the UK, the US, and the rest of the world. This meant the brand needed to merge three sites into one, which demanded meticulous data migration and a range of custom functionality.


We built RAID’s iconic new store on Shopify Plus, featuring a fresh design, new personalisation features and a more seamless path to purchase that immediately contributed to higher conversion rates.

Our experienced developers made the Shopify Plus migration process seamless, ensuring all data was securely carried across without impacting the brand’s existing customers. Crucially, RAID were able to continue trading without disruption throughout the migration.

RAID’s new site really impressed. From the statement typography to the bold visuals, the reimagined store is sleeker than ever before, while Shopify Plus' advanced features and scalability boosted efficiency.


Ready to put their best foot forward into a new era of growth, trendy footwear brand RAID came to us to migrate them from Magento to Shopify Plus.

A new platform, design and functionality were key to stepping up their ecommerce game, so they could offer a better user experience for their ‘see it, want it, buy it’ driven audience.

RAID’s new design was informed by the in-depth UX audits we carried out on their previous sites, which highlighted areas of friction in the user journey, and pinpointed a need for expanded content to increase trust in the brand. We also redesigned the navigation to create a clear structure for customers to find what they need.

With the design approved, custom features agreed and the right team in place to implement the improved site, we facilitated RAID’s migration from three stores into one quick-to-manage platform. This process involved a full-site translation to ensure that new language options would be available for an improved user experience all around the world.

The result was a truly international ecommerce experience with a bold new look and impressive conversion-driving features. Meanwhile, overall maintenance costs were reduced, as updating and optimising the site became a simpler task. This has given the RAID team more time to reinvest in sales-boosting marketing.