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Reinvigorating Planet X’s proud brand on Shopify Plus

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Planet X design and build bikes that enable enthusiasts to experience the joy of riding without the hugely inflated price tag. After more than 30 years in the business, they knew it was time to upgrade their online presence.

Planet X was initially built on a bespoke platform that was expensive and time-consuming to maintain. The site itself suffered as a result of complex user journeys, a complicated menu and confusing categorisation.

The team also wanted to introduce cohesion between Planet X and their sister brand On-One, which targets a slightly different audience. They sought a specialist Shopify Plus agency to manage their move and branding shift.


We migrated Planet X and On-One from a custom platform to Shopify Plus, introducing a modern look and feel. We created cohesiveness between the two brands while allowing each to retain its individual identity.

We also tackled a full UX overhaul, reducing friction in the user journey and simplifying the navigation and categorisation. The result is a significantly enhanced user experience that enables customers to find the products they’re looking for with ease.

The introduction of a dynamic bike builder feature, which allows customers to personalise every aspect of their bike, also positively impacts user engagement.

Shopify Plus’ customisation features and an enhanced tech stack enables Planet X’s team to adopt a more agile ecommerce approach and maximise their revenue potential.


Proudly rooted in Sheffield, Planet X’s mission is to encourage as many people as possible to experience the joy of riding a great bike. All their bikes are hand assembled in the UK by cytech trained mechanics, and the brand is well-known for its top-notch customer service.

Their sister brand On-One was founded 10 years later, specialising in mountain bikes and related adventure gear.

Initially, the brands had a very different look and feel. Planet X wanted to introduce more aligned branding that alludes to their partnership. Both sites also demanded a more flexible and scalable ecommerce platform to facilitate their continued growth.

They chose Shopify Plus for its extensive customisation features, which would make it easier for their team to regularly make changes and updates to the site.

Planet X’s new site features a sleek new look that was reskinned for the On-One site, introducing digital cohesion while ensuring each brand maintains its distinct identity. The new UX focus also contributes to a more seamless and enjoyable online experience for their customers.

The project established an enduring partnership, as we continue to provide design and development support to ensure both websites remain responsive to evolving needs and industry trends.