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Iconic fashion brand Jaded London are proud to be fast-moving and reactive, responding quickly to trends to create fresh new designs. The fast-growing brand get their new styles into partner’s shops quickly, but they didn’t have the same flexibility when it came to their own online storefront.

Jaded London’s growth was being held back by a cumbersome ecommerce platform. Each change needed expensive and time-consuming development, which meant that every product update or launch faced delays. For a brand that’s built on fresh designs and quick moves, this just wasn’t good enough.

Jaded London were also keen to embrace an updated look and feel across their site, and remove friction in the user journey to create a seamless, conversion-focussed customer experience. They turned to UWP to help them achieve it.


We migrated Jaded London to Shopify Plus to give their team the flexibility they need to keep their site as fresh and up-to-date as their streetwear.

Understandably for a design-conscious fashion brand, one of the biggest concerns about the new Jaded London site was how it looks and feels. We worked closely with the Jaded London team to learn how best to communicate their style and attitude across the site, crafting a digital experience that not only mirrors the brand's aesthetic but also enhances user engagement.

We combined this design focus with a comprehensive analysis of the existing user journey to identify and alleviate points of tension, streamline the navigation, and ultimately elevate the overall user experience.

The result? A more visually impressive website that’s easier for customers to navigate, prioritises conversions and empowers the Jaded London team to continually adapt and refine.