Propelling keto-friendly snack brand GOOD GOOD into new markets

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When GOOD GOOD approached us to revamp their website, the keto-friendly jam and snack brand were facing several significant challenges that hindered their ability to effectively compete with their growing Amazon sales.

Their existing store didn’t impress visually, and it failed to align with their playful, eye-catching brand. It was also suffering as a result of critical technical issues, slow page load speeds, a clunky checkout process and low conversion rates.

Finally, despite aspirations to tap into the UK market, GOOD GOOD didn’t have a UK-specific store. Our challenge was to create a speedy, brand-aligned website that puts conversions first, including a tailored UK store.


We crafted a visually striking and user-friendly website that authentically showcases GOOD GOOD's bold brand identity.

By addressing technical glitches and capitalising on Shopify Plus' impressively customisable checkout features, we streamlined the purchasing process for customers, which led to a significant increase in conversion rates.

We also enhanced the website's functionality, incorporated a retention-driving loyalty and referral scheme, and rebuilt the subscription portal to empower the GOOD GOOD team to deliver more personalised customer experiences.

On top of this, the creation of a dedicated UK-specific store enables GOOD GOOD to curate tailored shopping experiences for their UK customers.


Founded in Iceland, GOOD GOOD are on a mission to make the healthiest yet best tasting no-added sugar products. The brand’s founders expressed concern about the health of their friends and family, but couldn’t find healthier alternatives to the sweet treats they craved. So, GOOD GOOD was born, bringing high quality snacks with naturally derived sweeteners to the market.

GOOD GOOD achieved great success selling their tasty keto-friendly products on Amazon, but they didn’t see the same results on their own website. They sought a specialist Shopify Plus agency to change this.

GOOD GOOD’s original storefront was off brand, low on conversions and hampered with technical issues. Also, they had an EU, US and CA store, but no UK-specific site where customers could pay in GBP, which was limiting their success in the market.

When we redesigned and rebuilt GOOD GOOD’s site on Shopify Plus, we kept the company’s colourful brand at the forefront, and maintained increasing conversion rates as a primary goal. To help us achieve this, we integrated Yotpo reviews across the site’s product pages and on a dedicated reviews page, and also enhanced customer service with ecommerce helpdesk Gorgias.

The result? An eye-catching online shop that’s more on brand, efficient and successful at converting browsers into buyers.

The launch yielded impressive results, including a +209% increase in revenue, +28% increase in conversion rate, and +229% increase in transactions. The new site also helped to propel GOOD GOOD’s growth and future proof their expansion into new markets.