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We’re an innovation-focussed Web3 marketing agency that will help you unlock the revolutionary opportunities Web3 technology presents to ecommerce.

What we do

Pioneering Web3 marketing strategies, design and development

Web3 will transform the way ecommerce brands interact with customers online. We’ll help you innovate your loyalty programme, empower your community, bring your NFT project to life and curate customer experiences beyond your imagination with innovative Web3 expertise.

Web3 marketing agency

What’s possible with Web3 technologies?

Web3 is a totally new version of the World Wide Web that promises to revolutionise the way the ecommerce industry operates. By embracing blockchain technology and breaking free from the restraints of the current online world, Web3 offers merchants opportunities to enable secure and efficient transactions, open up a new world of decentralised online marketplaces and create stand-out digital experiences that drive revenue.

Web3 is set to be a disruptive force in the ecommerce industry that could transform the way we shop and interact with merchants online. The possibilities are truly endless and the potential is only limited by our imaginations.

With Web3 technologies, engagement- and revenue-driving customer experiences that could only have been imagined a few years ago are now possible. With your inspiration and our Web3 agency design and development expertise, we can make them a reality.

Embrace the future of ecommerce and explore the possibilities of Web3 to:

  • Curate industry-leading customer experiences
  • Build loyal online communities and connect with your customers in a new space
  • Innovate your loyalty programme
  • Explore revenue-driving NFT projects
  • Launch your store and products in the Metaverse
  • Modernise and elevate your brand

And more. Talk to us to discuss your disruptive Web3 marketing campaign.

Why Underwaterpistol

Your Web3 agency partners

At Underwaterpistol, our experienced team work with cutting-edge technologies to design and build pioneering Web3 experiences, actively seeking experimental Web3 and metaverse projects that other agencies would turn away.

Working with our team of Web3 specialists to create an innovative Web3 product is easy; just reach out, share your vision and we’ll help you achieve your marketing goals.

Market-leading user experiences

Our Web3 agency team helps you create customer experiences that stand out from your competition and drive engagement with your audience.

Inspiring NFT projects

From creating one-of-a-kind NFT collections to developing custom NFT marketplaces, we’ll help your brand tap into the exciting world of non-fungible tokens.

Revenue-driving loyalty programmes

NFTs can revolutionise loyalty schemes. We’ll help you leverage blockchain technology to reward your most loyal customers and drive repeat business.

Why Underwaterpistol

Unlock ecommerce excellence

As a specialist Shopify Plus agency, we utilise a wide variety of tools to curate ecommerce solutions that turn ambitious brands into the world's biggest brands. We’ve partnered with the industry’s best-loved tech to empower you to get the best out of the Shopify Plus platform. These market-leading partners help us – and you – unlock ecommerce excellence.


What our clients say

"Underwaterpistol have been absolutely amazing for us. The recommendations they have made to the site with regards to loyalty, tools and Shopify Plus itself has helped our team to grow sustainably."

Ross Worswick, Creative Director at Couture Club

“We’ve always trusted and valued UWP’s feedback and recommendations, and we’ve always felt like our website is in the best hands. I’d strongly recommend UWP to anyone looking to migrate to Shopify Plus."

Lisa Neatham, Head of Marketing at Great Little Trading Company

"UWP is like having an in-house website team. The communication is insane and they really do care about our success. They have experts in every field so working with UWP is one of the best decisions we’ve made."

Oliver White, Founder of Goose and Gander

"What I like about the UWP team is how collaborative and results focussed they are. They genuinely feel like an extension of our internal team and obviously care deeply about helping us to succeed."

James Oakes, Chief International Officer at Omaze UK


Frequently asked questions

What is Web3?

Web3 (or Web 3.0) is the third generation of the World Wide Web, following on from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. It’s built on decentralised applications that allow for more direct interactions between users. It also involves artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, token-based economies and blockchain technologies.

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What is a Web3 agency?
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Featured work

Over the past two decades, we’ve been lucky enough to work with innovative brands across a wide range of verticals. We specialise in designing, building and optimising industry-leading ecommerce stores, working strategically to create stand-out customer experiences that sell. Here are just some of the conversion-boosting projects we’ve worked on.

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