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Shopify Plus internationalisation

Unlock global success by selling internationally on Shopify Plus.

What we do

We help ecommerce brands conquer new international markets

Expanding your business internationally opens doors to a wide range of exciting growth possibilities. As Shopify Plus experts, we’re here to support your brand every step of the way with our tried and tested crawl, walk, run approach. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of internationalisation, test the waters in new markets and seize opportunities to unlock your brand’s global potential.

01. PLAN

The first step towards international success is strategic planning. We’ll work closely with you to understand your brand, business objectives and opportunities for international expansion. Then, through comprehensive market research and analysis, we’ll help you develop a customised strategy that aligns with your goals and maximises your chances of success.


Every market has unique preferences, cultural nuances and regulatory requirements. Our team of experts will duplicate your existing store and adapt its content and product offerings to resonate with local audiences. By ensuring a seamless and personalised experience, we’ll help you establish trust and build strong connections with customers in new markets.


Next, it’s time to drive growth in the new market. We’ll implement advanced SEO techniques, CRO and performance tracking to continuously optimise your international presence. By monitoring key metrics, identifying trends and making data-driven decisions, we’ll help you refine your approach and seize growth opportunities. Our aim is to drive increased traffic, conversions, and revenue in your target international markets.


Trusted partners to take your brand global

Expanding into new international markets offers tremendous growth potential for Shopify Plus brands. It allows you to tap into a wider customer base, diversify revenue streams and build a global brand presence.

We've been trusted time and time again to launch brands into new overseas markets, and we have a tried and tested process for doing it effectively. We’ll help guide your Shopify Plus brand towards global growth, and establish your presence in the international marketplace.

Localised customer experiences

We’ll work with you to ensure ​​your Shopify Plus brand delivers highly personalised and culturally relevant customer experiences, allowing you to build strong connections and loyalty in each target market.

Multilingual website development

We create seamless, user-friendly online experiences that cater to diverse international audiences, enabling your brand to effectively engage with customers in their language.

Ongoing optimisation

Through ongoing optimisation, including performance tracking, data analysis and CRO, we ensure your brand achieves sustained growth in new international markets.

Case study

Building trust across Omaze’s new UK site

This buzz-worthy business raises money for charities with unmissable prize draws (£1 million house, anyone?). Having already established themselves in the US, Omaze approached us to help them take the UK by storm.

We designed Omaze’s site to amplify their mission, build credibility and increase the volume of entries. Read on to discover how we helped them achieve success in a new market.

Our collaborators

Unlock ecommerce excellence

When it comes to the Shopify ecosystem, there are a vast variety of tools on offer to help you enhance your customer experience and drive revenue. We’ve partnered with the industry’s best-loved tech to empower you to get the best out of the Shopify Plus platform. These market-leading partners help us – and you – unlock ecommerce excellence.


What our clients say

"Underwaterpistol have been absolutely amazing for us. The recommendations they have made to the site with regards to loyalty, tools and Shopify Plus itself has helped our team to grow sustainably."

Ross Worswick, Creative Director at Couture Club

“We’ve always trusted and valued UWP’s feedback and recommendations, and we’ve always felt like our website is in the best hands. I’d strongly recommend UWP to anyone looking to migrate to Shopify Plus."

Lisa Neatham, Head of Marketing at Great Little Trading Company

"What I like about the UWP team is how collaborative and results focussed they are. They genuinely feel like an extension of our internal team and obviously care deeply about helping us to succeed."

James Oakes, Chief International Officer at Omaze UK

"UWP is like having an in-house website team. The communication is insane and they really do care about our success. They have experts in every field so working with UWP is one of the best decisions we’ve made."

Oliver White, Founder of Goose and Gander


Frequently asked questions

What does the process of localisation involve?

Localisation involves adapting your website, content, product descriptions, pricing and marketing materials to resonate with your target international markets. It ensures that your brand connects with customers, fostering trust and boosting conversions in a new market.

Can you help with multilingual website development?
How do you ensure ongoing optimisation for international markets?
Why should I choose Underwaterpistol for internationalisation services?


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Over the past two decades, we’ve been lucky enough to work with innovative brands across a wide range of verticals. We specialise in designing, building and optimising industry-leading ecommerce stores, working strategically to create stand-out customer experiences that sell. Here are just some of the conversion-boosting projects we’ve worked on.

Shopify Plus internationalisation

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