Custom Development

Functioning outside the norm

Bit of a troublemaker, are we? What’s wrong, standard setup not good enough for the likes of you? Fear not, we relish customising ecommerce websites to make sure they do exactly what their owners need them to do, and we will gladly help you tailor your Shopify site to perfection. That might entail…

Custom development

Need a fancy bit of functionality to stand out from the crowd or to ensure your website performs a particular task that’s different from the norm? Our experienced Shopify developers will act as a sounding board for your ideas before embarking on a plan to make your website do what you want it to do.

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Third-party API integration

If your business relies on another bit of the internet in order to perform effectively, we will integrate your Shopify store with the third-party’s API to keep things running smoothly for you.

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App Installation

Does your store require more functionality than what's currently available to you straight out of the box? The Shopify platform has some great apps available to enhance your business or to easily achieve a particular slice of functionality. We can advise you on apps that we know work well, plus install and set up any apps you want to use.

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Custom Shopify app development

Could your store be making more money with a customer experience that's more unique to your business and not currently available on the Shopify App Store? Our team of app developers have years of experience developing and maintaining versatile and robust private apps. From improving customers experience to giving you the in-depth analytics you require to fully understand your store's performance, we cater for any individual app needs you may have.

Do you have an app idea that you'd like to be sold on the Shopify App store? We thrive on creativity and helping ideas come to life, so if you have a nifty app idea that you think would benefit store owners across the Shopify community, we'd love to hear from you!

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Shopify Plus scripts

Shopify Plus customers have access to additional functionality that is not available on the standard Shopify platform. As Shopify Plus Experts, we are the ideal partners to add Shopify Plus scripts to your website and configure the extra functionality you’re after.

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Why us?

  • Quick development and deployment: Building any sort of software application isn't a walk in the park. In normal circumstances getting a basic, fully tested app up and running can take weeks - however our team have observed patterns and basic fundamental features that all shopify apps share. Considering these fundamental requirements we built a base app template which encompasses all of these. This app template allows us to get apps up and running within a matter of days allowing you to quickly see your idea's/needs come to life.
  • Up to date technology: We use state-of-the art tools and frameworks to quickly deliver robust, well-tested applications. This ensures your apps run fast and smooth as well as bug free so you can depend on them when needed.
  • Communication: Our success is mainly down to keeping clients in the loop from the get go. We have an open channel of communication with all clients in order to accurately create the apps they envision.