Lecoanet Hemant

Lecoanet Hemant

What We Did

Design and build of a Shopify e-commerce website, including build of a bespoke theme.

Meet The Client

Lecoanet Hemant are award-winning design partnership Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet. The duo pride themselves on bringing haute couture precision to pret-a-porter. Their style features clean lines and a clear architectural influence.

The Brief

We were asked to retain the look and feel of Lecoanet Hemant's existing website, while introducing an e-commerce aspect a site that had previously served only as a brochure. In introducing online sales to the website, we had to ensure that Lecoanet Hemant's high-end look and feel was retained throughout.

The Upshot

Lecoanet Hemant's first venture into the world of e-commerce has proven to be very successful. Customers can choose to shop 'by product' (in the traditional e-commerce way) or 'by look' for a high-end, haute couture shopping experience. We altered the CMS to achieve this and ensure it was easy for Lecoanet Hemant to manage. We also incorporated a big zoom function to ensure the stitch-work and attention-to-detail of the quality products is clearly visible for customers browsing the website.