Jaded London

You need a store that's as fast and flexible as you are.

Jaded LDN is a fast growing, London-based fashion brand founded by sibling duo Jade and Grant Goulden. Since starting the company in a bedroom in 2013, Jaded pieces have been shown off by several international stars including Beyonce, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, and Cara Delevingne.

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What brought them to make a change

One of the Jaded’s strengths as a brand is that they are fast moving and fresh.They describe their brand and supply chain as reactive. Because of that, they are able to quickly respond to trends and to create fresh designs and styles.

Jaded has been able to get their new styles into partners shops quickly. The problem was that they didn’t have the same flexibility when it came to their own online storefront.

Jade and Grant were held back by a cumbersome ecommerce platform. Every change needed expensive developer time and took too long to launch. That meant every product update and new style was delayed for a brand built on fresh designs and quick moves.

Besides day-to-day operations, Jaded wanted their site to be as fresh and up-to-date as their styles. Not only was their existing site difficult to use, it was years old and starting to feel dated, the exact opposite of their brand.

These designers who pride themselves on being trend-focused and reactive were stuck waiting for developers to translate their vision into something new on the page. They wanted control over the face of their brand and the flexibility to make it fit their own ever-evolving style.

What we did to bring the Jaded vision to life

  • Site redesign and launch
  • Ongoing UX improvement process
  • Migration to Shopify Platform
    • 1,200 configurable products, over 5,000 SKUs total
    • Over 12,000 customer accounts
  • Setup and integrate Mailchimp
“Underwaterpistol were a dream to work with, they completely understood the direction we wanted for our new website and delivered quickly and to the highest quality.”

Zoë Fay, Ecommerce Manager at Jadedldn.com – View LinkedIn Profile

Designing for designers

Understandable for a fashion brand, the biggest concern was how the new Jaded site would look and feel. They wanted their site to convey the brand style and attitude to their customers, instead of feeling like a canned template store with their logo stuck on it.

To make sure that Jaded felt at home in their new site, we took them through an intense process with our designers:

  1. Using the current Jaded site as well as other ecommerce inspirations, we learned how they wanted the site to look and feel, and just as importantly, what they wanted to stay away from.
  2. Next, we looked at how customers were using the current site. Using analytics, heat mapping, and user research, we uncovered the painful bottlenecks and stopping points that made the site hard for customers to use and hurt sales.
  3. Once we understood what they needed and wanted, we created wireframes for the new design, building more successful customer journeys that made the site easier for customers to use.
  4. After the site’s launch, we have continued to monitor and tweak performance. As the site grows, we want it to get better and better for Jaded and their customers.

The Result

Jaded has a new home for their brand.

The new Shopify-powered store is easier to use. Jade, Grant, and their team can keep the site up to date with their newest looks, and the site itself finally represents the Jaded style and can grow with the brand.