Hubbub Catering


Hubbub Catering love good food. In particular, they love serving good food. Based in east London, they've been catering for events, corporate meetings and weddings for 15 years. 

Hubbub asked us to build a highly customised site to allow customers to compile a catering menu for their event at the click of a button.

As well as being able to download and select from a range of set menus, customers needed to be able to add additional items from an a la carte selection to help them create a catering service tailored to their requirements.

Behind the scenes, the range of variables needed to be pulled together to help automate the process of allocating ingredients, staff, serving equipment and delivery resources so that Hubbub can provide a quick and accurate estimate to the customer.


The website has streamlined the ordering process for Hubbub's customers.

We used parallax scrolling to show off the design while also allowing customers to see all of the food options available for each meal on a single page.

And Shopify's easy-to-use interface and content management system allows the Hubbub team to update their menus and food options whenever they want.