Hot Futures

The future is bright for growing brands

Hot Futures’ mission is to give everyone the chance to wear great sunglasses without giving up a week of their life to pay for it. Before they brought their hot styles and good vibes to Shopify, everyone living outside of London was just out of luck.

Tanya Brown and Jake Jarvis started Hot Futures with a pop-up store in May 2017. They soon expanded into a permanent presence, and now they’ve brought their designs to the rest of the world.

Heating up London

Tanya and Jake are experts in two things: Vintage styles and designing hot sunglasses. When they combined the two, it was natural for them to make their start in a place they were familiar with. They took what they knew and built an independent business.

The first store was a popup in the Brick Lane Vintage Market in London. They combined their love and expertise for vintage styles with sharp business minds and soon expanded into their own brick-and-mortar space nearby.

What they didn’t know how to do was bring their styles to the rest of the world. They needed a website that showed off their designs and convey the same fun, positive, and inclusive atmosphere they had created in their store.

Heating up online

After being asked again and again when their online store was coming, Tanya and Jake decided it was time to expand. After playing with other platforms, they chose Shopify for two key merchant-friendly features.

  1. Using Shopify, they could have one system that unified their online store with their in-store point of sale system. Shopify allowed them to easily sell online, in their own store, and at popups and events.
  2. Simplicity. Shopify’s ease of us makes it ideal for small businesses who want to sell online without needing to get a developer involved or taking on a second job building and maintaining the site. Shopify lets merchants be merchants without sacrificing a on the quality of their site.
An ever changing process

Through the course of this cooperative process, other things came out that Jake and Tanya wanted from their site.

  • Instagram shoppable functionality
  • Email marketing
  • Customized theme functions
  • SEO setup

What we did

To help bring Hot Futures edgy style to life, Tanya and Jake chose Underwaterpistol for the project. For a new build, there was a focus on creating the presence that customers would feel while on site. Every part of the site had to convey the personality and feel of the Hot Futures brand.

To make that happen, we started at zero for the site's UX, design and development process. Through a series of conversations, moodboards, and wireframes, we came to understand what Tanya and Jake wanted us to create for their brand. Our designers took their thoughts and inspirations and turned them into a home for Hot Futures.

The Result

Another Shopify success story for independent business owners.

Just 1 year after launching their first popup store and 2 months after project start, Hot Futures are comfortable in their new online home. They spend their days collecting emails, selling sunglasses, and making customers happy.