Georgia Hardinge

What We Did

Design and build of a Shopify e-commerce website.

Meet The Client

Georgia Hardinge is a fashion designer who brings a distinctive sculptural aesthetic to her collection. 

The Brief

Georgia got in touch with us with two main criteria. Firstly, she needed a stronger online presence that was more reflective of her brand ahead of London Fashion Week. Secondly, she wanted e-commerce functionality to allow her to sell her pieces via the website.

The Upshot

We introduced Georgia to the Shopify platform, which has provided a simple interface through which she can manage the website.

Given Georgia's focus on design and aesthetic, and her enthusiasm for the project, we were able to embrace her strong ideas on the look and feel of the website and execute them for her. This included reworking the logo type and carrying out development work to ensure the product images are displayed in a way that does justice to Georgia's designs.

Absolutely loved working with Gary at Underwaterpistol. Gary and the team really understood the brand and translated the brand identity in the website. I’m so proud of my site! I would highly recommend their services.
— Georgia Hardinge

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