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What We Did

  • Design and build of a Shopify e-commerce website
  • Digital marketing strategy and management

Meet The Client

Flare Audio was founded by British inventor Davies Roberts. The company designs and manufactures a range of highly acclaimed audio products, including earphones, speakers and ear plugs.

The Brief

After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its excellent ISOLATE® ear protection, Flare was in a hurry to launch a revamped e-commerce platform to kickstart direct sales of ISOLATE® and other products it was developing.

A quick turnaround was required to get the new website up and running as soon as possible to capitalise on the considerable interest in ISOLATE®.

Flare also needed to make sure its web presence was as smart and well designed as the products themselves.

The Upshot

We matched the requirements for a speedy launch by getting the website redesigned and rebuilt on an entirely new platform in just a couple of weeks. The new platform was Shopify, which helped us to achieve the design and build as quickly as possible, and has also made managing the store much easier for the Flare Audio team.

Not only does the stylish website match the beautiful audio items available on the site, but improvements to functionality and customer experience incorporated into the new website design have helped to bolster sales and conversion rates.

We’ve also been working with Flare Audio on strategy and management of a range of digital marketing activities to continue that upward trend.

We initially approached UWP with a very tight deadline. Even though this was an almost impossible task, they were keen to get stuck in and were not afraid of the challenge. We're now working very closely together on a number of projects and have constant communications and great support. Would definitely recommend!

— Flare Audio

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