Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify

With a brand focussed around simplicity and quality, london-based, men's fashion store L’estrange came to Underwaterpistol looking for a creative, conversion focussed solution. Built initially on the WooCommerce platform, we designed a migration plan for L’estrange to smoothly make the move over to Shopify.

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47.1% Conversion Rate
196.7% Increase in Revenue
47.5% Increase in organic visibility

One wardrobe. Anytime, Anywhere. With Less, Do More.

L’estrange has some very exciting plans involving bricks and mortar stores and building an online community. Working with a creative agency like ourselves is paramount to being able to hit these goals.

Their brand is based around smoothness, cleanliness and high quality. We worked with them to create a store and holistic marketing strategies that encompassed everything that was important to their brand.

Design & Development

The team at L'estrange had created a clear design roadmap for their new site, working closely with them we are able to put this into development. Using large imagery allows the products to be showcased in a spotlight style. Couple this with the creative use of whitespace seen throughout the site, and the user automatically focuses in on the high quality products.

Creative and subtle use of parallax throughout the site, gives connotations of luxury without overusing the feature. With over 86% of their users coming from mobile devices, it was extremely important the design of the site was not just good looking, but also functional across all devices.

Creating a site that features large backgrounds and is image heavy means it’s important to make sure the speed of the site is as optimised as possible. Without this, the site can become clunky and slow. Our development team pulled together resources to ensure the correct image sizes are display without compromising on the quality of design.

Ecommerce Support

L’estrange wanted us to support their site post-launch to improve their eCommerce efforts. Our unique approach to eCommerce allows us to optimise the performance of any channel while encompassing a brand's principle elements. Our team have helped L’estrange reach an increase in revenue of over 196%.

Optimising the Performance

Because of the price range of L’estrange products, it’s quite common to see lower than average conversion rates. However, this doesn’t mean that these can’t be improved. By optimising the user journey through the design process, we’re able to encourage more conversions via UGC, proposition drivers and strategic trust signals placed throughout the site.

We also introduced L’estrange to Klarna to offer deferred or split payments to their customers. This has helped speed up the buying cycle of the average L’estrange customer. Making data-driven design decisions allow us to fix any leaks in the sales funnel and ultimately help improve the conversion rates.

L’estrange has seen a total conversion rate increase of over 47%, and increase on mobile conversion rates of over 53% and desktop conversion rates increase by over 59%.

Mobile Design

With a large percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices, it was important to get this right.

Working with L'Estrange internal designs, we were able to develop a mobile design that was as sleek, and minimalistic as their brand without compromising on any functionality.

Optimising the user journey even further on mobile devices led to an increase on mobile conversion rates of over 53% .

Migrating SEO

Migrations can cause headaches for eCommerce business owners for several reasons, but the one we hear about the most is worrying about the loss organic traffic. Our SEO team created a full migration strategy to retain the organic traffic L’estrange were currently receiving. Once the SEO strategy was implemented, we saw a 47.5% increase in organic traffic in the first month alone.

We helped L'estrange increase revenue from email marketing revenue by over 155%

Email Marketing

Utilising Klaivyo to manage their email marketing, we did a full, custom implementation. Allowing L’estrange to use Klaviyo to power the out-of-stock notifications. This has helped them grow their audience base and subsequently, their engagement rates.

Creating a full email automation and segmentation strategy, we implemented a creative design that focussed on engagement. This has helped L’estrange see an increase in email marketing revenue by over 155%.

The Results

L’estrange no longer has to keep up with the server costs often associated with other platforms like WooCommerce. Now that they’re on Shopify, they don’t have the constant worry of the site dropping off if there’s a big traffic spike. This has allowed them to work with us on a growth strategy.

They have some big plans in the future around bricks and mortar and we’ll likely see some creative collaboration around some omnichannel marketing...watch this space

47.1% Conversion Rate
196.7% Increase in Revenue
47.5% Increase in organic visibility