Goose & Gander

Goose & Gander were looking for more than just a Shopify development agency.

Like many independent fashion brands, Goose & Gander built their online business using a predefined template on Shopify. Growing an online community of brand ambassadors and creating a community, they were soon shopping around for a creative and growth-minded agency. This is where Underwaterpistol stepped in. Rebuilding and launching their site in January 2018, we created a creative growth strategy.

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We were very excited to be approached by Goose & Gander. Working with a brand who understands the importance of creativity in ecommerce allows us to work seamlessly and holistically with them. With low conversion rates, Goose & Gander knew that there was more work to do on the design and user journey of the site. However, limitations with predefined themes and lack of development knowledge meant that outside help was needed.

Redesign & Development

Working with their brand guidelines, our design team pulled together some initial mockups. There is often a fine balance between creating a store that’s creative and a store designed purely for conversions.

Focusing on the brand community, we knew that including design elements such as User Generated Content (UGC), reviews, rewards and accessibility to email updates was important. Strategically placing these elements throughout the user journey helps encourage conversions as well as brand loyalty.

Once designs had been signed off, our development team got to work. As with every ecommerce project we undertake, optimising the development for speed is paramount for a better user journey. With that in mind, all the code had been optimised for better delivery, giving Goose & Gander a much faster site.

With over 80% of their traffic coming from a mobile device, it was extremely important to make sure the site was designed with a mobile-first view. We focused on creating the mobile experience look, feel and function like a native mobile app. This saw an increase in conversion rates on mobile devices of 32.8%.

Holistic Marketing

Goose & Gander were looking for more than just a Shopify development agency. They wanted a partner to work with them holistically across their marketing channels and offer creative solutions. We’re very proud of the on-going work we do with Goose & Gander and have helped them increase their year on year revenue by over 197%.


Implementing Hotjar and measuring user journeys throughout the site, we’re able to follow the data on a regular basis to implement new and creative solutions. This helps us constantly improve the conversion values on an iterative basis. A/B testing these over a defined period of time, allows us to make strategic design decisions that improve conversion values. On a monthly basis we monitor traffic on Goose & Ganders site to ensure that any anomalies in bounce rates are handled as a priority.

Email Marketing

While Goose & Gander were doing some email marketing, it wasn’t as streamlined as it could be. Implementing an email marketing strategy with Klaivyo has had a huge impact on their revenue - an increase of 998%.

Optimising their email marketing strategy by segmenting the email contacts allows them to send the right emails to the right people at the right time. We also helped them set up a series of automated flows. These get reviewed from a conversion point of view on a regular basis to ensure they’re getting the most out of the Klaviyo platform.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs help improve brand loyalty and the lifetime value of customers. With a creative fashion brand such as Goose & Gander, a loyalty program can be invaluable to them.

Helping them integrate and adding in some creative ways to earn points has encouraged more interaction in both their onsite and off-site marketing channels. This has added a substantial amount of revenue to their ecommerce business.


As part of all new builds, we would recommend implementing an SEO strategy and building everything to best practice. By increasing the page-speed and optimising content, alongside encouraging high quality and shareable links, Goose & Gander have seen an organic visibility increase of over 136%.

Paid Social

Optimising their Paid Social channels is key for a brand like Goose & Gander, who rely heavily on social media for brand discovery and retargeting. After doing a full overhaul of their paid media channels, we were able to drive up conversions by 482%.

The Results

After working with us, Goose & Gander has a fully functional, creative and conversion-focussed Shopify store. By working holistically across their marketing channels, we’ve managed to drive conversions and traffic through every part of the sales funnel. This invaluable and creative type of strategising is key to making any brand successful online.

  • 23.8% increase in conversion rate
  • 32.8% increase in conversion rate on mobile devices
  • 56.3% increase in conversion rate on desktop devices
  • 197.27% increase in overall revenue
  • 998% increase in revenue from email marketing
  • 136.4% increase in organic visibility
  • 482% increase in revenue from social

    • *Jan 1st- Dec 31st 2018 vs Jan 1st - Dec 31st 2019 (Pre Launch/Post Launch)