Why upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Why upgrade to Shopify Plus?

You’ve already nailed creating and running a great Shopify ecommerce store and you’re reaping the benefits - why upgrade to Shopify Plus with Underwaterpistol? 

First off, it’s probably best to consider the threshold test. If you’re achieving five-figure monthly sales, then chances are this is for you. 

Shopify Plus has some fantastic features to shout about. Let’s look at a few…

1.  0% transaction fees

The more sales you make, the more transactions fees you’ll be accumulating. Not so great when your business has a high volume turnover. The good news is Shopify Plus have a 0% transaction fee in place for customers taking advantage of this plan. More business, more money saved for you.

2.  Multi-currency store options 

If your business operates in multiple countries you may want to consider making use of the multiple store option. With Plus you’ll get three stores to set up included in the price. You can set up stores with different currency to reflect your location, e.g. UK, EU and US. Go global and save on costs. 

3.  Dedicated support 

One thing you’ll notice instantly is the support you’ll receive being a Shopify Plus customer. Reach your dedicated support team, including your account mananger, 24/7. You’ll be given a personalised email address and phone number as a way of priority contact with the team. 

4.  Customisation 

Shopify Plus will allow you to customise your checkout with your own domain, setting your site apart from the standard checkout.myshopify.com. Tracking code will be undisrupted by the domain change and visitors will feel reassured throughout the purchase process.

5.  Enhanced security 

Sleep well at night knowing your store is protected by the highest levels of security. Shopify Plus is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, with annual on-site compliance assessments and continuous risk management. 

6.  Exclusive pricing and discounts 

Enhance your store capabilities with great deals on over 1000 professional built apps. As a Shopify Plus customer you’ll get exclusive pricing on some of the best apps available. From live chats and analytics to social reviews and email marketing tools. 

Of course this is just a snapshot, there’s a lot more to Shopify Plus. If you’d like to speak to us about upgrading please contact our team today. You can also check out our previous work helping Shopify brands over the past few years.