What is an SEO company?

What is an SEO company?

You might already know a bit about SEO, but if you’re totally new to it, optimising your site for maximum exposure on search engines is something you might need a bit of help with. Enter: SEO companies.

But, what is an SEO company? How can they help? And how do you choose an SEO company that will be able to help your business grow? We’re answering all these questions right here, so you’ll know exactly where to start when it comes to finding the right company for you. This blog features insights from our Setup for Lifetime Value podcast episode 'What can an SEO agency do for you?'.


What is an SEO company?



The first thing you might be wondering is what is an SEO company? What do they actually do? Why do they exist?

An SEO company is a company that provides services encompassing the different areas of SEO (search engine optimisation). Their primary objective is to improve the organic performance of the sites they look after. Ultimately, the job of an SEO company is to help you get your business to the top of the results page of search engines like Google.


How can SEO companies help businesses grow?


Good SEO companies and agencies help businesses grow by adding new SEO-optimised content to your site, optimising your existing content and carrying out extensive technical fixes to make your site more attractive to search engine crawlers. This means your site is more likely to feature at the top of the search results when your target audience are searching for terms related to your product or service.

Additionally, SEO companies and specialists improve the overall experience of a site and help it function more effectively, which can positively impact your conversion rate too.


What does an SEO specialist do?



The role of an SEO specialist is to make websites more discoverable in the SERP (search engine results page) and improve both the user and search experience. Usually, their main focus is on Google - the most popular search engine - but they also consider other search engines too, like Bing and Yahoo.

SEO specialists utilise their skills and knowledge to enhance sites in a way that makes them friendly to both users and search engines. There are countless factors involved in this process, and it’s the job of an SEO specialist to know how to action them in a way that can maximise ranking potential.

A good SEO specialist is worth their weight in gold. Why? Because not only can they use knowledge and data to improve a website, they can also gather data and establish what consumers actually want to help improve a business’ overall marketing efforts.


How to choose an SEO company


Wondering how to choose an SEO company? There are numerous factors to consider to find the ideal company or agency to work with your business. Here’s some key things to look out for.


1. Good fit


The first thing to consider when choosing an SEO company to work with is if they’re a good fit for your business, and the way you like to work. Communication and effective ways of working are one of the most fundamental aspects of choosing an SEO company. Relationships between brands and agencies are built on the trust between them, so it’s important that you get a good feeling about the agency if you want to go forward and work with them.

To help with this, seek testimonials and references, and meet up with the agency as many times as needed to help inform your decision.


2. Innovation over maintenance



Something else to keep in mind when considering how to choose an SEO company is how much emphasis each company puts on innovation, as opposed to just maintenance. If you’re spending money on an SEO service, you’re probably not just looking for a company or agency that maintains the status quo. Find a company that looks to innovate your approach to SEO.


3. Honesty and openness


There’s a lot of technical terminology in SEO, but most of it can be explained in a simpler way (with some exceptions). If somebody can’t give you a simplified explanation of the practical applications and the impact of the tasks they’re suggesting, then it’s a red flag. Sugarcoating and complicating matters is a sign that a company isn’t open and honest about their process, meaning you’ll probably end up feeling disappointed.

A good SEO company will answer any and all questions you may have about your SEO openly and honestly, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from the relationship.


4. False promises



Lastly, one of the most important things to look out for when deciding how to choose an SEO company is false promises. There are no guarantees in SEO. So, if a company promises you certain results - rather than showing exemplary projections - this should be a reason for concern.

SEO, unlike some channels, is not something that can be predicted in terms of impact and the time taken to hit your goals. A good SEO company will be honest about this and won’t promise optimistic results just to get you on side.


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