Top 10 beauty brands to watch (and almost all are on Shopify)

Top 10 beauty brands to watch (and almost all are on Shopify)

The beauty industry is rapidly growing. Everyday there’s new ingredients, new innovations, and new brands launching. It can be hard to keep up!

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 new brandings in the beauty industry that are sure to make a huge impact in 2021. Each and every one of these beauty brands are pioneers in their own realms, and are setting high standards on what it means to launch a successful and innovative beauty brand in the 21st century. 

Wanting to expand your own beauty brand and Shopify? These are the brandings to take note of!


#1 Monday Muse

Lune Martens launched Monday Muse during the 2020 pandemic and has since seen the brand soar, taking home both a Beauty Shortlist Award and a Dieline Award in their first year. 

Powered by Martens’ own journey with acne, Monday Muse initially launched with one simple product. Their vitamin-rich Nectar Oil captivated beauty lovers due to its formula of no fragrance, no essential oils, and no harsh surfactants, firmly putting Monday Muse on the beauty map.

With Vogue Netherlands claiming that their Nectar Oil was “one of the best facial oils of 2020”, and their other products receiving equally glowing reviews, it’s no surprise that Monday Muse is a brand to watch. 

Why do we love Monday Muse?

Monday Muse proves that you only need one incredible product to make an impact, and their Nectar Oil sets a high expectation for what it takes to launch incredible products. 

Product standouts: The Nectar Oil is an incredibly lightweight facial oil, perfect for anyone wanting to simplify a skincare routine. 

Platform: Shopify



#2 Deviant Skincare

If you’ve ever landed on a beauty influencers Instagram page, then you’ll have spotted Deviant Skincare’s luxurious miron-glass packaging, sealed with a gold stamp on every lid. Deviant Skincare have taken the beauty industry by storm with their cult-classic Cleansing Concentrate, a decadent balm-to-milk cleanser that we guarantee is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

The idea of Deviant Skincare came to fruition after co-founder, Natalie Smyth, struggled to find a facial oil appropriate for her oily, sensitive skin. It was then that the ethos of Deviant was born, to create elegant products that deliver spectacular results.

Deviant Skincare is completely self-funded with no outside investment, just Smyth and her partner leading the brand with passion and intellect. Everything from their miron glass packaging to their socially conscious ingredients is carefully thought out and planned. With this recipe for success, we guarantee that 2021 will be a spectacular year for Deviant. 

With only 4 permanent products in their arsenal, Deviant Skincare are taking their time to ensure every single product they release is perfect. If you’re someone who has a passion for carefully-conscious beauty, then you’re sure to love Deviant Skincare.

Why do we love Deviant Skincare?

In a world where more-is-more, we love Deviant Skincare’s focus on simplicity. Their stellar formulas have captivated us into life-long fans.

Product standouts: Cleansing Concentrate is a cult classic cleaning balm that is the perfect introduction to a self-care evening routine. 

Platform: Shopify




#3 Lys

Lys was conceptualised by Tisha Thomspon, beauty industry expert turned brilliant entrepreneur, after struggling to find shade-inclusive, affordable, and clean beauty products. With a goal to empower, inspire and awaken customers' most confident self, Tisha states that, “unfortunately, people who look like me have been habitually overlooked in this space. I take great pride in implementing the change we all hope to see.”

Whilst ‘clean beauty’ is notoriously pricey, Lys ensures that each and every one of their high-performance, high-pigment retails under $30. So it’s no wonder that Lys Beauty became the first Black-owned Clean cosmetics brand at Sephora.

What’s next for Lys Beauty? Well, global domination! We’re expecting to see a UK & Europe launch for early 2022 that is sure to make a stampede. 

Why do we love Lys?

Lys makes no compromises when it comes to inclusivity, affordability, and accessibility! 

Product standouts: Their skincare-meets-makeup hybrid, Triple Fix Serum, has customers raving, with over 200 5-star reviews on the Sephora website. 

Platform: Shopify




#4 Bread Beauty Supply

Founded by Maeva Heim, the brand was born from a frustration over the lack of options for curly hair in Australia. It should be no surprise that Heim’s Bread Beauty Supply took the beauty industry by storm when they first launched their hair-kit. A four-part hair washing regime specially designed for curly hair types, with the goal to simplify and re-inspire wash-day.

Bread went on to bring home seven beauty awards in 2020, an incredible feat for a brand only 11 months old.

Why do we love Bread Beauty Supply?

Bread celebrates imperfection, self-expression, and self-care,which after the year we’ve all had, is definitely appreciated!

Product standouts: Their Macadamia Oil is your one-stop-shop body and hair oil delivering ultimate nourishment. 

Platform: Shopify




#5 Klur

For nearly a decade, aesthetician Lesley Thornton helped others achieve skin wellness through personalised beauty treatments, so it came as no surprise when she announced the launch of Klur. 

Klur is a sustainable skincare and wellness brand that creates quality, eco-conscious products.

Human connection is at the heart of the brand, with Klur being a completely independent, self-funded, and woman-owned beauty company. Klur are currently taking the beauty industry by storm with their ethically-conscious products and less-is-more approach, bottled up in gorgeous apothecary-inspired packaging.

Why do we love Klur?

Their apothecary-inspired packaging will look gorgeous on anyone's vanity, but their carefully considered ingredients are what have truly captivated our attention. 

Product standouts: Klur’s Symmetry Fluid Serum, with its energy-rich phytonutrients, helps  counterbalance the impact of free-radicals and is an essential for anyone exposed to urban pollution.

Platform: Shopify




#6 Topicals

Born out of frustration from the lack of options available for people of colour, Dr. Claudia Teng and Olamide Olowe launched Topicals mid-pandemic to bring science-backed skincare to the masses, and for those struggling with hyperpigmentation and eczema.  

After only 10 months in the game, Topics has already bagged some star-studded investors, including Emmy-nominated stars Issa Rae and Yvonne Orgi. Topics are committed to creating authentic discussions about beauty standards and how they impact our mental health. Even before official launch, Topicals pledged to donate 1% of its profits to mental health organisations, and has since donated over $10,000. 

Why do we love Topicals?

Topicals are pioneers in creating science-backed, dermatologist-approved skincare for people of colour! 

Read more about everything Topicals are doing right here and get inspiration on upgrading your own beauty branding. 

Product standouts: Like Butter is a thick, whipped mask packed full of hydrating ingredients that everyone will benefit from.

Platform: Shopify




#7 Nue Co.

2020 saw many of us take a step back to reevaluate what’s really important in life and to begin taking self care more seriously. So it’s no surprise that British-born supplement brand The Nue Co. has made it onto our list.

The Nue Co. launched in 2017 with the goal of redefining the relationship we have with our health. Their products blend clinically-innovative ingredients with Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines to deliver effective and gentle solutions. 

Why do we love Nue Co?

With clean, proven and sustainable ingredients, The Nue Co. are redefining what it means to be socially-conscious in the beauty industry. 

Product standouts: The Pill is an incredible single-daily dose of key nutrients for the skin. Perfect for beauty lovers wanting to streamline their routine into one product. 

Platform: Shopify




#8 Uoma

After working her way up to the top of L’Oreal, Revlon, and Benefit Cosmetics, Uoma Beauty’s founder, Sharon Chuter, launched the brand to re-write the rules of inclusivity in the beauty industry.

Sharon Chuter put it all on the line to launch with 108 SKUs, including 51 shades of foundation. It is safe to say that the risk has paid off! Uoma Beauty has captivated the beauty industry, even managing to bag themselves spots in ULTA and Selfridges, ensuring that their products are accessible for everyone.

Uoma Beauty goes beyond providing a wide shade range, they’re vocal, they have an opinion, and they’re not afraid to speak up! Their mission is to empower, inspire, and give the beauty industry a much needed wakeup call. 

Why do we love Uoma?

Uoma has created a revolution in what it means to be inclusive in the beauty industry, and we applaud their incredible efforts.

Product standouts: With 51 shades of their Say What?! Weightless Foundation, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Platform: Shopify




#9 Made by Mitchell

After two successful makeup collaborations with Beauty Bay and PLouise, makeup artist MMMMitchell decided to launch his namesake brand, Made by Mitchell, mid-pandemic. Created to unify the beauty industry, Made by Mitchell combines professional artistry with unbeatable formulas to show makeup lovers that anything is possible.

Barely seven months into the game, Made by Mitchell has gone on to launch in 5 retailers and is available in over 50 countries. 

Why do we love Made by Mitchell?

Every single thing created by Made by Mitchell is unapologetically authentic, bold, and extremely expressive. 

Product standouts: Blursh Bronzed is a liquid to powder bronzing blush that will give your skin that sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. 

Platform: Shopify




#10 Dizziak

Loretta De Feo, acclaimed beauty contributor, launched Dizziak after struggling to find affordable, accessible products that catered for textured hair.

Dizziak currently has two products in their collection. The Hydration Wash and Deep Conditioner each host a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Quinoa Protein, and Babassu, and are described as a  “aphrodisiac for Afro hair”. Dizziak is not only created for textured hair, but for all hair types, and never compromises on quality.

Less than three years in, Dizziak has already been featured in Vogue, The Guardian and Stylist, and has even taken home the ‘Best Hair Treatment’ award at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards! They may not be utilising Shopify, but we expect to see great things from them in 2021.

Why do we love Dizziak?

Dizziak has stripped back all the unnecessaries when it comes to their products. No parabens. No sulphates. No silicones. No mineral oil. No cruelty. Instead, Dizziack ensures what you’re getting is 100% luxury. 

Product standouts: Hydration Wash is a scalp loving shampoo guaranteed to revitalise wash day.

Platform: Wordpress




In summary

  • Keeping it simple works. Monday Muse proves that creating one perfect product can lead to branding perfection, and commercial success.
  • Attention to detail matters when standing out from the crowd. Follow Deviant’s lead and focus on creating Insta worthy packaging to win over the influencer crowd.
  • Live and breathe your brand values. If sustainability is a brand value, ensure every element of your business reflects this à la Nue co.
  • Legitimacy matters in beauty. We can’t all be MMMMitchell, but how can you demonstrate your legitimacy as a brand to customers?


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