25 stand-out ecommerce SEO examples

25 stand-out ecommerce SEO examples

Some like it, some hate it, and some love nothing more than to declare that it’s “dead”. No matter what your feelings are towards SEO, it’s impossible to deny that it’s one of the most important parts of any ecommerce brand's marketing efforts - or, at least, it should be. 

Done right, SEO marketing drives hoards of relevant traffic to your website, without the steep costs associated with paid advertising. Then, it’s up to you to convert that traffic into qualified leads.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start with SEO, so we’ve pulled together this comprehensive list of SEO examples across 5 industries to show you which ecommerce brands are getting their SEO strategies right - and why. Let’s get to it.


Beauty & Cosmetics SEO examples


1. Vegamour


SEO example Image source: Vegamour

The acronym E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, is mentioned a lot in SEO. Beauty brand Vegamour works hard to engineer all three through targeting long-tail search queries.

Whether it’s more advisory points like “How often should I cut my hair?”, or more direct health-related queries like “Will vitamin deficiencies cause me to lose my hair?”, Vegamour speaks to exactly what their customers are searching for, boosting their exposure within the industry and making them a great SEO example to follow.


2. Beauty Bay


Beauty Bay ecommerce SEO example

 Image source: Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay get SEO marketing so right. They rank highly for many competitive keywords within the beauty industry and drive a lot of traffic and attention through clever partnerships with celebrities, like Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix.

Their content marketing strategy curates content from small content creators and influencers on Instagram to create resources which those creators are likely to link and share, boosting the content and the brand’s visibility.


3. The INKEY List


The INKEY List

 Image source: The INKEY List

Another great SEO example within the beauty & cosmetics industry is The INKEY List. Their site collects customer attribute data based on demographics like age range and skin type to present tailored products to their site’s visitors. They also embrace SEO-optimised reviews, which Google indexes for relevant long-tail keywords like “excellent quality sun cream”. This helps the brand draw in relevant traffic within their niche.


4. Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury ecommerce SEO example

 Image source: Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup giant Charlotte Tilbury achieve SEO success through their extensive content marketing strategy. The site posts frequent blogs and tutorials covering commonly searched-for queries, effectively utilising content to expand the reach of what is a relatively small product range. They also demonstrate a strong use of imagery to enhance the customer experience, making them a stand out search engine optimisation example.


5. Look Fantastic


Look Fantastic

 Image source: Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic’s homepage provides an excellent SEO landing page example for a number of reasons. The layout of the page is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the ‘Free delivery’ and discount trust banner is effective at keeping people on the site, decreasing bounce rates. Also, Look Fantastic generate a consistent stream of content from a range of editors (about a range of trending topics) which establishes a relevant topic cluster that continues to draw in new traffic.


Fashion & Accessories SEO examples

1. Hurr


Hurr ecommerce SEO example

 Image source: Hurr

Designer fashion service Hurr compete in the rental space by ensuring their site is as much about providing a smooth customer journey as it is about displaying their stylish expertise. They effectively utilise internal linking with specially curated seasonal style edits to boost their SEO marketing efforts without compromising the elegance of their site.





 Image source: SHEIN

Fast fashion is controversial, but that shouldn’t undermine the impressive impact SHEIN have had in the SEO world. SHEIN is a great SEO example because they analyse search trends, identify emerging keywords and create tailored product ranges to make the most of that traffic. SHEIN also demonstrate a huge amount of social proof, particularly through reviews, to enhance their user experience and online presence.


3. Boody



Image source: Boody

Eco clothing brand Boody is another great example of a site making the most of syndicated reviews to enhance their SEO marketing efforts. Boody showcase reviews across 6 global storefronts to increase the number of reviews (and therefore keywords) on their pages, signalling to Google that they are a reputable brand and increasing their rankings.


4. Next 


Next ecommerce SEO example

Image source: Next

Well-known high street clothing brand Next fit on this list of search engine optimisation examples because they, quite simply, rank highly for almost all relevant search terms. Their recognisable brand name and cleverly SEO optimised category pages boost rankings and continue to drive traffic, establishing them as leaders within the online fashion industry.

5. Gymshark 


Gymshark SEO

Image source: Gymshark

Fitness clothing brand Gymshark are a successful SEO example largely due to their extensive backlink profile and exceptional social proof, which is largely generated through social media. Since launching the brand, Gymshark have also released a frequently-updated blog that discusses trending topics and answers the questions their customers are asking. This content marketing effort has helped their website traffic skyrocket.

Food & Beverage SEO examples

1. Asda 


Asda SEO example

Image source: Asda

Achieving SEO success in the food space is extremely difficult, given how saturated virtually every part of the industry is. National supermarket brand Asda combat this by focussing on local SEO, keeping their Google Business Profiles up to date and utilising proper schema markup to communicate an enhanced description about the contents of their site to search engines. Being such a well-known brand, Asda also have an impressive amount of backlinks.


2. Beer Hawk 


Beer Hawk SEO example

Image source: Beer Hawk

Beer retailer Beer Hawk provide notable SEO landing page examples, particularly due to the fact that their awesome SEO efforts have led to their homepage ranking for the keyword “beer” - and that’s no mean feat. On top of this, Beer Hawk’s product pages are rich in keyword-dense content, including an SEO-boosting FAQs section. Links are also driven by ‘Deals’ and ‘Gift idea’ pages on their site, which often get wider coverage in the press.


3. Aura Bora


Aura Bora

Image source: Aura Bora


Sparkling water brand Aura Bora built their website around the way their customers search, contributing to a smooth customer journey and a positive impact on SEO. Aura Bora also build on-site trust, increase click through rates and boost SEO by displaying reviews on their product pages and through their Google Shopping Product Listing Ads.


4. Vivino


Vivino ecommerce SEO example

Image source: Vivino


Wine merchant Vivino are a noteworthy SEO example that rank among the US’s best known wine brands, despite their relatively small size. But how? Vivino do a great job at creating a lot of relevant, keyword-rich content, and also showcase best practice on-page SEO examples by including FAQ sections and well-optimised product pages.



Image source: BEAR


Coffee company and cafe chain BEAR utilise incredibly effective local SEO to boost their brand awareness, with the vast majority of their search being for their local stores. BEAR do a great job of driving traffic to these pages through content marketing, NAP (name, address and phone number) and local citations.

Home & Office SEO examples

1. Who Gives A Crap


Who Gives A Crap SEO example
Image source: Who Gives A Crap


Eco-friendly toilet roll company Who Gives A Crap stand out as an exceptional SEO example largely due to their content marketing efforts. Much of their content strategy is built around developing educational content on their product and brand, with 60% of the keywords they rank for being informational.

90% of Who Gives A Crap’s traffic is now branded, showcasing their efforts to build their brand through producing that educational content. 

2. Simba 


SimbaImage source: Simba


You might be surprised to hear that the mattress market is one of the most competitive out there, particularly in terms of SEO. To get noticed, Simba generated demand for their brand, largely through TV and display advertising. They also harnessed a network of affiliate retailers to promote that awareness and build backlinks. Now, ‘Simba mattress’ is the brand’s most successful keyword. 

3. Skinnydip London


Skinny Dip content marketingImage source: Skinnydip London


Skinnydip London cleverly utilise blog content featuring influencers and other brands to target relevant keywords and drive traffic to their site. On top of this, they also use star ratings in their SEO marketing strategy. This optimises their store for Google Shopping as Google prioritises star-rated listings, meaning more people click through to their site and convert.

4. Currys


CurrysImage source: Currys

When they’re not cutting prices, Currys demonstrate a brilliant understanding of their users’ search intent to produce high ranking product pages and category pages. They integrate content onto those pages well to boost their rankings and target the keywords their customers are searching for.


5. Seton


Seton SEO content marketingImage source: Seton


Health and safety equipment manufacturer Seton do a fantastic job of utilising highly search questions to address the search intent of their target market. They cleverly put lots of well-optimised content below the fold (at the bottom of their category pages) to important keywords, making those pages fantastic SEO landing page examples.

Health & Fitness SEO examples

1. Bulk


Bulk SEO exampleImage source: Bulk

Much of this list so far is filled with great on-page SEO examples, but sports nutrition brand Bulk make waves through off-site SEO. Bulk have been hugely successful in landing media coverage in the likes of Metro, The Telegraph and Glamour, boosting their exposure and building a catalogue of high authority backlinks.


2. Healthline

Healthline content marketingImage source: Healthline


Healthline drive hoards of SEO traffic to their site through clever content marketing. They produce comprehensive, well-researched content that answers the questions their customers may have, all of which are produced by expert authors. They also have lots of SEO-boosting internal linking and citation links from many online encyclopaedias to help them climb the search engine rankings.

3. Golde


Image source: Golde


SEO-optimised reviews play a huge role in Golde’s SEO marketing strategy. The quickly-growing superfood brand makes the most of these reviews across their homepage, product pages and category pages to build their SEO authority. Google then indexes this review content for the longtail keywords they contain, helping Golde to rank for them. 

4. Good Housekeeping


Good Housekeeping content marketingImage source: Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is a good SEO example because their content-focused SEO strategy expresses a deep understanding of what their customers are searching for and the type of content they engage with. While it’s not an ecommerce site, it supports other ecommerce brands through affiliate links. 

5. MyProtein


MyProtein SEO exampleImage source: MyProtein


There are a lot of things that MyProtein do well with regards to SEO. They have mastered content within the fitness industry, and they’ve also built a comprehensive internal linking strategy that allows them to cement themselves as the world’s number 1 supplement company. Their content marketing is what sets them apart as an impressive SEO example.

But, who does SEO better?



The SEO examples featured on this list were all nominations from our ‘Show & Tell: Who does SEO better?’ webinar. Watch the show on demand for more insights into what makes them stand out, and to discover which sites were voted number 1 in their industry by our expert SEO panel.