How to make your first Shopify sale

How to make your first Shopify sale

Products, photos, descriptions, a beautiful looking eCommerce store - you’re ready to start making a multitude of sales from a wave of traffic to your site… if only it were that easy.

It can be difficult for store owners to spend such huge amounts of time developing their site, only to launch into the Shopify stratosphere and not hear a peep from anyone.

We decided to come up with some pointers to help you bag your first sale and guide you on the path to achieving your eCommerce goals.

Content Marketing

Blogging. A sure-fire way to attract visitors to your site. The aim of the game is to create quality content that your audience will find relevant or educational. The more quality content you put out there the better! As well as working on your own blog you may also want to try guest blogging on someone else’s site. Same rules apply.

Videos, videos and more videos. In this day and age, we’re geared to putting ourselves on camera and showing the world what we are about. Having a Youtube channel is a huge benefit to SEO optimisation. You could start your own channel with videos about yourself/your products, or go full on with a viral video that will surprise or even shock people!

Social Media

Instagram it. This is the one social platform that is really starting to pick up the pace for eCommerce stores. The best part, you can dive in right now. Set up a profile, start following accounts relevant to your products and post photos that will grab attention and drive engagement.

Get talking on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to engage an audience quickly. Jumping on a hashtag or creating your own is the best way to spread content fast.

Search Engine Marketing

Optimise. Make sure your search engine optimisation is in top shape. Sites which neglect their SEO often find themselves lower down on Google’s search engine ranking than they would like to be, which in turn can affect sales volumes. Be sure to have a tool which can analyse this, or employ an agency to look after this for you.

Analyse. Pay attention to the analytics for your site. All the important buying behaviour data sits within your analytics account. If you don’t have analytics then it’s more than worth making sure you set your site up with tracking for every page.

Paid Ads

Google Adwords. As one of the biggest advertising networks, Google Adwords is the place you want to be if you’re willingly to spend time and money on pushing your site through the paid ads.

Facebook advertising. Take full advantage of advertising on one of the biggest social networks, where you can drill down and target to specific audiences and demographics. 

Feel free to share your tips with us below...