9 High-Impact Growth Strategies To Increase Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

Increase online traffic to your online store

Increasing online traffic remains the number one priority for online entrepreneurs across the globe. After taking painstaking steps to launch your ecommerce store, you might expect online shoppers to flock to your online store. So you can sit back, relax and watch the money roll in, right? Wrong!

Anyone who has an online store will know that this is far from the case. The reality is the real work starts when your online store goes live. Unless you're lucky enough to have the Midas touch, where everything you touch turns to gold, you'll need to implement a strategy designed to drive and optimise online traffic.

Considering that the majority of online traffic goes to the ecommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba and you're competing with other brands in your niche, getting traffic to your store isn't exactly a walk in the park. 

Fear not, there are lots of ways you can put yourself in front of your target audience and increase visitors to your online store. Let's take a look at 9 high-impact growth strategies you can action today to start seeing results.

1. Increase Store Visibility With SEO

According to a study conducted by an SEO software companyorganic search drives 51% of traffic to websites. This means you need to have a strategy in place that caters for half of where your potential traffic might be coming from. Enable online shoppers to discover your ecommerce store through basic search engine channels.

Great ways to achieve this is to optimise your website for search engine discoverability using relevant keywords, clear meta-descriptions, enhanced title tags, unique content, quality backlinks, and increase page load speed. You should also register your domain on sites like YelpFacebook BusinessGoogle My Business and Foursquare

2. Create Excitement with Giveaways

It won’t come as any surprise to hear that people love freebies! Giving out prizes is a sure way to get people talking. The more they get excited, the higher the chance of them telling their family, friends, work colleagues or even a random guy at the train station.

With a well-designed and creative contest, you'll increase customer engagement level and develop relationships with new visitors. You'll be able to take registrant details and reuse them across multiple email campaigns.

3. Run Paid Ad Campaigns

To increase website traffic you might have to dip into your pocket and pay for some advertising. Paid ads are one of the most widely known high-impact traffic strategies since the inception of television, radio, social media, and other advertising outlets. In 2016, Amazon spent a whopping $2.6 billion to advertise to its American audience. Unsurprisingly, their ad marketing budget increases year on year.

One huge factor behind the increased advertising spend is competition. It’s becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd, and paid ads is a highly-effective way to make sure you're in front of your ideal customer.

Advertising your brand will get targeted clients to visit your website, increase conversion rates and make your objectives easier to achieve. It might seem like an expensive approach but you can always start small and scale up.

4. Engaging Content Marketing

If you don’t have a blog on your website, you're missing out on attracting online shoppers that like to read about products before making a purchase. Brand awareness is the easiest way to get people to visit your website.

Creating relevant content that helps people understand a particular topic shows how knowledgeable you are in your specific sector, boosting credibility and trust for your business. If you haven’t already started, give your website a boost with daily, weekly or even monthly blogs.

5. Increase Trust With Referrals

Getting visitors from other trusted websites can be instrumental in increasing traffic levels making it a worthwhile traffic growth system. And online shoppers are more inclined to trust referrals versus paid advertising.

There are many ways you can get referrals, such as publishing your website on online directories and review sites, sharing your website on forums and comment sections and writing a guest blog for popular sites with high traffic volume.

It’s also best practice to partner with similar businesses. Reach out to brands that offer products or services that compliment what you're selling, and figure out how you can collaborate. Why not run a cross-promotional campaign across social media or email to connect with your respective audiences. 

6. Share Content to Increase Reach

The good thing about Medium and LinkedIn is the huge traffic they get on a daily basis. LinkedIn has up to 1.07 billion daily visits, and Medium receives 172 million visits every day. You can use these two platforms to drive traffic to your website simply by creating fresh content and sharing it on each platform.

LinkedIn is a massive resource for finding groups of people interested in particular topics, making it easier to reach your targeted audience. This system is also similar to Medium where people read content based on specific tags. Posting interesting content will get you noticed, increase your profile and social following. Posting links back to your site will work its magic in getting traffic numbers up.

7. Charm Visitors With Social Media

You can’t just set up your store’s website and expect people to start visiting immediately. You need to spread the word across social media to promote your business. Register to social platforms like TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and Instagram.

Share relevant blog posts, new products, funny messages and exciting news to lure visitors to your website. Once you know who your ideal target audience is, engage them with more personalised content.

Remember to use hashtags to find people searching for specific keywords and join discussion groups. Answer questions, reply to comments and engage with your followers.

8. Improve Retention With Email Marketing

It's shocking how many online businesses still don't have an email marketing strategy in place. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, 80% of businesses stated that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention.

It's vital that you keep your store front-of-mind for past, present and future customers. And if you have a mailing list sign up option, make sure you send occasional email reminders about what’s new on your site. Be cautious about sending too many emails, as it might start to become a bit intrusive. 

9. Provide Value by Hosting Webinars

People love learning new things and webinars are a fantastic way to communicate with your target audience. Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular way to boost traffic as it reaches a wider audience and can be very successful if you provide useful, engaging content.

High engagement levels on a webinar will increase traffic to your site, and you can keep visitors coming back for more with more webinars. After every webinar, make the recordings available for later viewing so your followers can share it on social media.

Golden rule: More Traffic = More Customers

You're probably using some of these high-impact strategies already, but if you're not getting the results you want you should mix things up. Never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to traffic and lead generation.

Don’t be afraid to pay a little to get you ahead of your competition and above everything be consistent. If you need professional assistance, book a FREE consultation with our team of experts.