Get Shopify Plus free for 6 months when you migrate from Magento

Get Shopify Plus free for 6 months when you migrate from Magento

Would you like to run your ecommerce website without any monthly fees for six months? That’s what’s on offer if you upgrade to Shopify Plus from Magento before the end of June 2017.

Give resource-heavy Magento the shove, get a shiny new website and help yourself to a bargain while you're at it.

What’s the deal?

When you move to Shopify Plus on a two-year contract before June 30, you’ll get the first quarter of that deal for free. You’ll also get help with your migration process to ensure a smooth transition to your new platform.

And, as Shopify Plus Experts, Underwaterpistol is perfectly placed to help you make the switch.

Get in touch to discuss migrating from Magento.

“Sounds like a helluva lot of upheaval to me.”

Support, upgrades and patches for Magento 1.x will come to an end in spring 2018, so if you’re currently using that platform you will need to do a big upgrade soon in any case. It might as well be to a platform that has an easy-to-navigate admin pages and could help to cut your development costs.

Given the migration support currently on offer, moving on will be more straightforward than ever before because Shopify’s techy types will take all of the strain for you.

Why Shopify Plus? 

We’ve addressed the main Shopify vs Magento arguments in a previous blog post. In short, Shopify Plus is really simple to use. If you find it awkward to maintain your store with Magento, you’re not alone. That’s a complaint we hear pretty regularly from customers who contact us looking to move to Shopify.

With Shopify Plus, you’ll also benefit from 0% transaction fees when using Shopify Payments, extra security, industry-leading hosting and dedicated account management - all tailored to high volume retailers.

Add Underwaterpistol to the mix and you get affordable, beautiful design, plus our trademark non-creepy brand of hand-holding to walk you through the process.

Let’s get going.

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