Ecommerce trends that worked in 2016

Ecommerce trends that worked in 2016

As the year comes to a close, it’s good to take a look back over and ponder what went right with 2016 - especially with e-commerce.

Here’s a run-down of the e-commerce trends that worked in 2016.


Product suggestions based on a visitor behaviour has been a pioneering development in the e-commerce landscape. Tools that have been developed to harness personal data have contributed to quicker purchasing actions, fewer abandoned carts and more repeat customers.


Every single e-commerce website needs to be fully responsive. Mobile sales account for over half of the UK’s e-commerce sales and there are no signs of mobile usage slowing down. If you haven’t already made your site fully responsive to accommodate the use of devices, it’s strongly recommended that you do.


Improvement in site speed played a big part in conversions in 2016. A slow running site is a surefire way to have an abandoned cart and kill a potential conversion. Users want high performing websites which are quick, convenient and meet their needs. There are lots of services that are available for this purpose. Make sure this isn’t neglected in 2017 and you could see an upward trend in your completed sales.


Being immersed in your website day in and day out can make it easy to overlook flaws in usability. Testing services this year have been helping monitor feedback and demonstrate what should be addressed on your site, as well as letting us know why users do what they do.

Food ordering and delivery

2016 has been a year of food convenience. From Amazon Prime with its one-hour food delivery slots to Deliveroo’s takeaway offering of your favourite restaurant meals right to your door. Let's hope this trend certainly continues for years to come!

Niche products 

Shopify has paved the way for a multitude of e-commerce startups looking for high-quality bespoke stores  (without the hefty transaction fees imposed by services such as These niche businesses are able to successfully sell what once would have previously been ideas on paper.

What do you think have been the biggest e-commerce trends of 2016? Let us know your thoughts below.