10 examples of ecommerce sales pages to inspire your online store

10 examples of ecommerce sales pages to inspire your online store

Is there much of an ‘art’ to the creation of an ecommerce sales page that will really have your target customers running to the ‘buy it now’ button? Or is it more-or-less a case of putting that big, shiny image of your product front-and-centre, and hope for the best?

Let’s say, the most effective such pages are anything but one-note. When shopping online as a consumer, you may barely consciously notice a ‘good’ ecommerce sales page, as you will be too engrossed in the engaging copy that truly ‘gets’ you, and the design touches that gently guide you where the brand wants you. But in many ways, that’s the whole point.

So, this holiday season, let’s whisk you off on a tour of 10 examples of ecommerce sale and discount pages that work magic on their intended audiences. Hopefully, it will get you inspired – and remind you that an ecommerce sales page can be as dynamic as any other on your website.



Image source: Nourished

This sales page for the “plant-based power stack” knows how to draw the eye in precisely the right places, with its strong hierarchy between the headline, body text, and a single, simple ‘call to action’ (CTA).

We’re also fond of the subtle incorporation of a fixed bar at the bottom of the browser window, displaying a savings message. Further keeping things clean is the lack of a menu – this short, concise and focused page is all about ensuring the customer follows a specific journey.


Republic of Cats

Image source: Republic of Cats

Surely, merely being a cat-food brand would give you a bit of a head start over most other industries when it comes to charming opportunistic spending out of people? Perhaps, but one still has to make it pay – and with this ecommerce sales page, Republic of Cats emphatically does.

Although it is the bold colours that might initially grab your attention here – and it is no accident that the most vibrant of them has been reserved for the ‘call to action’ – it may well be the copywriting that steals the show.

Separated out into bite-sized morsels that explain how it all works, the written copy feels personal – with its reference to “your cat’s” – and instils urgency in the visitor to take advantage of the “limited time offer”.

Butternut Box

Image source: Butternut Box

From your cat to your pooch – and what is immediately apparent about this Butternut Box page is how personalised it is. The first action the user takes is entering their dog’s name. But before then, the viewer will doubtless take notice of the large images and icons that help balance the page nicely and improve readability.

It’s all wrapped up in a warm colour palette that is absolutely inviting for the reader.

Philip Kingsley

Image source: Philip Kingsley

The Philip Kingsley name is synonymous with great hair, and sure enough, even its ecommerce sale page makes a point of incorporating regal tones into its colour palette to convey a sense of luxury.

This isn’t a pretentious page, however. Instead, it gets straight down to business, educating the user. All unnecessary content has been removed in favour of an ultra-simple structure, with even the text being kept bite-size to prevent the user from feeling overwhelmed.

As the user navigates the page, they are presented with step-by-step instructions – complete with hand-drawn illustrations – that help set expectations of what will happen when they sign up.


Image source: Fenton

You can’t say that with this sweet and prestigious-looking landing page, Fenton isn’t getting the purchasers of its jewellery seriously excited for Christmas.

From the aspirational ‘hero’ imagery and the generally warm and inviting colour palette, to its short and easy-to-digest snippets of text and plentiful user-generated content, it’s making all the right moves. The stamps and icons add a nicely informal touch.

Grind Coffee

Image source: Grind Coffee

The Grind brand gets a lot of things good – not just coffee. This ecommerce sales page is another case in point, with the ‘Millennial pink’ hue it is decked out in feeling familiar for the brand’s Millennial-focused audience. The all-round styling is reminiscent of the skincare and beauty brand Glossier, who are a leader in their field – so, hardly a shabby example to emulate.

Grind has also clearly realised the importance of achieving a strong visual hierarchy between text elements, and using icons that balance the Unique Selling Points (USPs) – not to mention making the ‘call to action’ the boldest item on the page.

It’s also good to see the inclusion of real Trustpilot reviews, underlining the trust that Grind has in its customers waxing lyrical about its products.


Image source: Simba

With its primary areas of focus being its bold ‘SALE’ text and the scarcely-any-less-eye-catching ‘call to action’ button, it’s clear that Simba knows how to construct a compelling ecommerce sales page for its mattresses.

The use of awards and review stars helps engender the user’s trust in the Simba product, while the imagery and videos make understandable what may have otherwise been complex and intimidating industry jargon. All in all, this page represents a great blend of educational content and USPs.

Dollar Shave Club

Image source: Dollar Shave Club

How many of us really want to spend much time worrying about our morning routine, as long as we can always achieve that satisfyingly clean and close shave we’re after? Not many of us – so it’s great that Dollar Shave Club absolutely ‘gets’ it.

This particular ecommerce sales page’s ultra-simple design frees up the user to focus squarely on the product. The copywriting is informal and straight to the point, resisting the temptation to slip in any industry jargon that the customer wouldn’t understand.

Again, there’s a lot of user-generated content here to help encourage customer trust, while a sticky header shows up as the user scrolls down, commanding them to ‘try for $5’. And on a site like this, who wouldn’t want to?


Image source: Fussy

As with several of the inclusions in this rundown, there is no doubt that with this Fussy page, the CTA is the boldest element there. The reader would certainly not be second-guessing what the site is expecting them to do.

However, what is perhaps even more distinctive is the decision of this sustainable deodorant brand to use its subscription page as a landing page. This helps ensure that customers really do focus solely on joining. And the actual process of joining is made to feel quick and easy.

Note, too, the subtle animation on the page, with the product shown slowly bouncing. It might not seem like too much, but it’s another element that catches the user’s eye, getting them to constantly look back at the product.


Image source: Apple

You would expect the iDevice giant to be pretty handy at its seasonal promotions schtick by now, and you would be quite right. Apple’s ecommerce sales pages somehow never look too ‘busy’, doubtless aided by the use of a soft colour palette and simple, jargon-free copywriting that help keep the focus on the products and what they can do.

With the sub-navigation becoming sticky on scroll, it’s as easy as one likes to quickly switch between different sections of the page. And while there is a suitably aspirational vibe with its reference to “the magic of the season”, the copy doesn’t mention the word “Christmas” quite as often as it could have done – an understated way of helping people who celebrate different holidays to feel included.


What's next?

In or out of the festive season, many of the fundamentals of what makes a great ecommerce sales page – including ensuring that it is attractive, informative, in keeping with brand values, and moves the reader to act – remain much the same. For a more detailed conversation about what that might mean for your brand, get in touch now with UWP’s ecommerce experts. And if you want to check out our previous work developing ecommerce solutions, check out our work page.


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