Ecommerce Roundup - November

Ecommerce Roundup - November

Introducing UPS for Shopify Shipping

With an increasing number of shoppers turning to online stores to make their purchases, customers expect fast and cost-effective delivery. The beauty of Shopify is that they always find a solution, and they are introducing more shipping options on their platform.

Shopify’s new partnership with UPS will provide merchants with more shipping options. Just last month, Shopify teamed up with another leading shipping company, DHL Express. With the introduction of two shipping giants, Shopify merchants will be able to ship their products to their customers at discounted rates.

Due to direct integrations with DHL and UPS on Shopify’s platform, merchants are able to perform tasks like shipping, billing, printing labels and tracking services without ever having to leave the Shopify platform. Shopify believes having more options, like DHL and UPS, helps merchants provide a better service to their customers.

UPS guarantees customers and merchants next-day, two-day or three-day delivery options as part of the checkout process. Shopify merchants can print UPS shipping labels for international and domestic orders via their merchant admin dashboard, and drop off parcels at any of UPS’ 8,800 collection spots, or 39,000 drop box locations across the United States.

Merchants who choose UPS shipping receive a discount of up to 52%. Discounts are also offered for heavier packages, making UPS the most affordable shipping option for heavy products and international shipping. The UPS/Shopify integration is currently available to only US Shopify merchants. Shopify is working on providing a comprehensive shipping option to merchants around the world.

Amazon launches in Australia

Amazon’s industry leading marketplace has extended its reach to the land down under. Australia now have their very own dedicated Amazon Retail Site. Australian shoppers no longer have to make purchases on Amazon Global or They can buy products ranging from electronics, DVDs, books to food, without having to worry about paying high international shipping fees.

To facilitate operations, Amazon has opened a 24,000 m² fulfilment centre in Melbourne’s Dandenong South, to support produce delivery. Rocco Braeuniger, the former director of consumables at Amazon Germany, was appointed as Country Manager to head up Amazon’s operations in Australia.

To coincide with the launch, Amazon also introduced Australia Amazon Marketplace for retailers, merchants and business owners who want to list their products on the platform. Sellers will be able to set their own pricing, manage inventory and delivery options.

The good news is that customers already registered on won’t need to re-register. Using the same details to log-in, they can get started on Australia Amazon Marketplace, meaning your account history and reviews stay with you (good thinking Amazon!) However, customers with no previous Amazon account will have to register for a new one.

Thanks to this new development, Amazon has created more job opportunities for the eCommerce market in Australia, whilst also helping locals save lots of money in shipping costs.

Paypal Launches an Invoicing Extension for Facebook Messenger

Paypal announced the launch of an extension that allows you to invoice via Facebook Messenger. Merchants can easily create a Paypal invoice, and send it directly to a customers during a Messenger conversation. Information like product images, price and quantity is included, facilitating transactions without having to direct your customer to your website.

Customers can instantly pay for products, using Paypal’s One Touch feature. With 62% of smartphone users making purchases online using their mobile device in the last 6 months, Paypal is devoted to supporting sellers reach mobile customers.

Enabling merchants to do business via the largest social networking platform in the world is sure to revolutionise the eCommerce industry. Considering Facebook has an average of 1.3B daily active users, businesses that master all Facebook’s recent E-commerce features will be miles ahead of their competition.

To take advantage of PayPal’s invoicing extension, a Facebook user simply needs to open the extension tray, click on Paypal and login to your Paypal account, create the invoice including all the essential details and click ‘send’. All your customer needs to do is click on ‘Pay with Paypal’.

Source: Paypal

Shopify introduces the LIVE View for Real-Time Reporting To make reporting and website analytics easier, Shopify has introduced LIVE View for Real-Time Reporting. Shopify merchants will be able to track new visitors, including things like the number of visitors currently browsing their site, their country of origin, when they add or remove items from their carts and all checkout/sales activities.

Tracking performance levels also gives merchants a better overview on their business, making it easier to react when there is a sudden drop in activity. LIVE View comes in the form of an interactive map, and it can be viewed on a variety of devices, including mobile, desktop or tablet.

Shopify merchant can stay updated with their store’s performance, wherever they are in the world. Knowledge is power, and this tool gives you the power to better understand the data behind your online store. Shopify LIVE view for real-time reporting is available to all Shopify merchant around the world.

NuOrder Announces New Visual Merchandising Tool to Support B2B eCommerce

NuORDER introduced a new visual merchandising tool called Whiteboarding which allows eCommerce wholesale business owners to transform static product images into engaging storytelling visuals.

Source: NuORDER

Using Whiteboarding, merchants will be able to highlight top selling products in each product category, and collate the right combination of products for their store. The interactive display aims to increase customer engagement and present buyers with a variety of products that complement each other.

Best of all, you don’t need any technical skills or even photoshop experience to make the most of NuORDER’s cool tool. You can share your Whiteboards with other NuORDER users, encouraging a collaborative workspace amongst team members. NuORDER serves more than 800 vendors, servicing more than 250,000 customers, and they believe their groundbreaking product display tool will assist B2B businesses not only increase conversion rates, but also increase overall sales level.