#EcomInsights: How to drive loyalty with personalised customer experiences

#EcomInsights: How to drive loyalty with personalised customer experiences

In this edition of our #EcomInsights series, we spoke to Kerri Barnes, Partner Manager at Klaviyo about how crafting personalised customer experiences can drive loyalty and boost brands’ retention efforts. 



Welcome to #EcomInsights, the series where we speak to the industry’s best-known tech tools and platforms about how brands can tackle challenges facing the ecommerce industry.

In particular, we’re looking to ecommerce experts to address the problems presented by the current economic climate, offering advice to help brands tackle rising customer acquisition costs, boost retention and maximise the lifetime value of their customers.

This time, we spoke to Klaviyo about how customer-first marketing automation can help.


Tell us about Klaviyo.


Growing a business is complex. Klaviyo brings it all together in a unified customer platform.

By bringing your ecommerce data together in one place, you can understand your audience better, deliver personalised experiences that reach customers on the channels that matter, and learn everything you need to make your business smarter.


Why are email and SMS marketing important to driving the growth of ecommerce brands?


Leveraging email and SMS to build a Customer-First Marketing strategy puts the wants and desires of your customers behind every experience you create. This allows you to build direct relationships with your audience and cultivate a loyal customer base through curated experiences.

By building powerful customer segments, and applying those thoughtful groups to automations, you begin to own your destiny and to unlock huge growth potential.


With the rising costs of customer acquisition, many brands are shifting their focus towards retention. How can email and SMS be best utilised as part of a retention strategy?



To ensure acquisition efforts pay off, it is important to keep people truly engaged at every stage of your marketing funnel. Focus on how you’ll nurture new customers to stay with your brand for longer, increase loyalty and encourage brand advocacy.

How will you create a memorable experience for customers in their post-purchase journey? Perhaps you could use a post-purchase flow to educate customers about what other products might be of use to them.

For VIPs, your aim is to keep your brand top of mind and deepen an already powerful relationship, so ensure you have set up VIP communications.


What advice would you give brands to tackle the challenges posed by the cost of living crisis?


Any changes you make to become customer-centric will serve your business, beyond the challenges posed by the immediate economic situation. Lean into your current customer base, gathering information - Customer-First Data - to get to know your audience better.

Once you've learnt more about your customers, position your brand as a helpful and empathetic partner via updated marketing messages on the channel that's best for them.

Finally, measure and automate processes to set yourself up for long-term success so that when people can afford to buy, they choose your brand.


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