#EcomInsights: Why customer experience is critical for boosting conversions

#EcomInsights: Why customer experience is critical for boosting conversions

In this edition of our #EcomInsights series, we spoke to Mairaid Harte, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Klevu, about how brands can build trust, boost conversions and maintain loyalty by making customer experience a priority.



Welcome to #EcomInsights, the series where we speak to the industry’s best-known tech tools and platforms about how brands can tackle challenges facing the ecommerce industry.

In particular, we’re looking to ecommerce experts to address the problems presented by the current economic climate, offering advice to help brands tackle rising customer acquisition costs, boost retention and maximise the lifetime value of their customers. This time, we spoke to Klevu.


Tell us about Klevu.

Klevu helps connect people to products they want to buy. Through AI and NLP-powered discovery technology, Klevu enables merchants to deliver hyper-relevant, personalised experiences powered by real-time buyer intent.

Klevu discovery technology balances AI automation and strategic control, is quick and easy to install and compatible with all ecommerce platforms. For total creative control and headless ecommerce technologies, robust APIs and SDKs are available. Klevu powers thousands of ecommerce businesses worldwide and has offices in the UK, US, Sweden, Finland, Australia and India.

Why are top-notch customer experiences important to boosting conversions and maintaining customer loyalty?

Creating a great customer experience is critical for any business aiming to boost conversions and maintain customer loyalty. Quality customer service not only increases the likelihood of customers returning to make additional purchases, but also builds trust between the company and its consumers.


At Klevu, our customer success and support teams ensure our customers are getting the most out of their product discovery suite, and have helped increase search-led conversion rates by up to 120%. By making customer experience a priority, businesses can improve their bottom line while giving their customers the support they need and want.

How can enhanced product discovery drive the growth of ecommerce brands?

Product discovery is an integral part of the ecommerce experience. Enhanced product discovery helps customers find the right products quickly and easily, while also allowing brands to better understand customers’ needs and preferences, which can be used to improve their marketing efforts.

Enhanced product discovery can present customers with more targeted products and recommendations and research has shown that 34% of frequent shoppers are more likely to shop if a site shows them products based on their past purchase history. Ultimately, this will help brands build a loyal customer base and drive long-term growth.

What advice would you give brands to tackle the challenges posed by the cost of living crisis?

Ecommerce retailers are facing increasing economic uncertainty due to the rising cost of living. To ensure success, it’s essential to take proactive steps to adjust to this changing landscape.

We advise prioritising customer retention, focusing on your strongest channels and ensuring a great online customer experience through streamlining processes and leveraging technology.

Those that use a retailer’s on-site search are four-to-six times as likely to convert, and as shoppers are becoming more cost conscious and spending less money, they’re likely to be searching your site for what they need, rather than browsing for leisure. Investing in product discovery will lead to increased conversions whilst creating an engaging shopping experience for customers.

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