7 creative jewellery ads that help brands sparkle

7 creative jewellery ads that help brands sparkle

In all their glittering glory, you might think it’s easy for jewellery ads to stand out from the crowd. But, like all industries, the space is competitive, with a raft of brands vying to dazzle their way to the top. You’ve got the platinum-level power players, the new, hidden gems of the direct-to-consumer (D2C) world, and – somewhere in the middle – established brands with room for extra growth and awareness.

No matter where a jewellery brand falls on that spectrum, its ads need to be memorable enough to tempt consumers into what’s often a significant, special (and sometimes pricey) purchase. Some go down the sentimental route, others simply let the sparkle do all the talking – but what really wins in the space? Here, our UX/UI Designer Ieva Sabuckyte reveals seven of the best creative jewellery ads around…

#1 Swarovski

Image source: Swarovski

Flaunting all that glitters, Swarovski has gone futuristic with its rebranding campaign, featuring model and activist Adwoa Aboah. Flashing lights and jewel-encrusted limbs bring the brand’s signature sparkle to life on the screen. The narrative is intriguing and the shimmer says it all: even as the brand pivots, nothing dazzles like Swarovski.

The brand made its initial impact with a video ad campaign, then kept up momentum through a series of stills and clips that were optimised for social media. It’s proof that, when you create online and offline content in tandem – not one (offline) after the other (online) – you build a cohesive brand story that immerses potential customers.



#2 Bhima Jewellery

Image source: Bhima Jewellery

Bhima Jewellery brings an Indian tradition to life in the Pure as Love ad campaign; one that sees a child’s family collect jewellery for their future wedding day, starting from a very young age. In the video, the journey unfolds through the eyes of a trans woman and her loved ones, as we see her receive jewellery at various stages of her transition, leading to her wedding day. It’s a touching and beautifully shot ad that’s testament to the role of jewellery; the value and meaning it holds throughout the most important days of our lives.

But it’s also a big, progressive leap forward for India’s LGBTQ+ community, where homosexuality was only decriminalised in 2019. The country’s transgender rights bill has been widely criticised for restricting the rights of those it’s meant to protect, making campaigns such as this one all the more pertinent.



#3 Cartier

Image source: Cartier

A flash of red, a touch of black and swathes of ivory tones give Cartier’s custom-built set a luxury vibe that’s distinctly… well, Cartier. When only the best will do, creating bespoke sets appears to be the way to go – and that certainly proved true for the world-famous jewellery brand in their 2019 ad campaign. It’s not easy for a small gold ring to make an impact, but they managed it for Clash de Cartier, showing it in the hands of a strutting, stylish Kaya Scodelario. If you want to see a demo of just how powerful a strong brand identity can be, this video should leave you with little doubt.



#4 Bulgari

Image source: Bulgari

No stranger to creating ‘out of this world’ jewellery ads, Bulgari previously placed their brand ambassador Zendaya in a dream-like vision of Rome; jewels glittering in the sun. So it’s hardly a wonder that their Christmas campaign is more than a little ethereal, featuring a space-age take on a twinkling winter wonderland. Sci-fi has been a bit of a theme this festive season (John Lewis ad, anyone?), and Bulgari’s has been implemented flawlessly across all channels – from paid ads to landing pages.



#5 Boucheron

Image source: Boucheron

Why show just one brand ambassador when you can show them all? Boucheron’s new campaign sees an array of stars, including Alexa Chung, getting ready to reunite with loved ones for Christmas. It’s a story that resonates – especially in the wake of COVID-19 – and acts as a reminder of how special the gift of jewellery can truly be. Cleverly, the longer campaign video features a collage of clips of the ambassadors, which were then turned into individual clips and stills across social media. Seamless user journey: perfected.



#6 Astley Clarke

Image source: Astley Clarke

At Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a palette of glowing, golden tones. Astley Clarke followed that suit with jewellery ads that evoke warmth, joy and style across every consumer touchpoint. The idea may be simple but the execution is sheer prestige. Plus, the minimal use of decor and props allows their precious gems to take centre stage.

#7 Tiffany & Co.

Image source: Tiffany & Co

We can’t talk about jewellery ads without putting the spotlight on Tiffany & Co, whose latest campaign has been making headlines all over the world. It features Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Need we say more? The megastar couple is seen jet-setting and enjoying date night in some of the most extravagant jewels we’ve seen. That necklace. Theatrical cinematography adds to the allure of the diamonds on display, making it one of the most covetable gifts of the season. We know what we’re hoping to find under the tree.

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