6 creative coffee ads kicking life into sales

6 creative coffee ads kicking life into sales

It’s probably a safe bet to say that our relationship with coffee has evolved a fair bit in recent years. Yes, there has been all the disruption brought by the pandemic – perhaps causing those of us who switched to remote working to replace our morning café visit near our workplace with the discovery of all manner of instant coffee brands at home.

However, what especially interests us is the prominence that coffee has come to gain in our wider society and economy. Yes, the ‘café culture’ that down-and-out town centres seemed to aspire to this time a few decades ago appears to have finally rocked up in the UK (perhaps a little weary, but a quick caffeine pick-me-up will fix that).

The sheer diversity of the ‘landscape’ surrounding this essential and beloved beverage is also reflected in the similarly formidable variety of creative coffee ads you see around nowadays. So, while you prepare another brew, we thought we’d spotlight just a few of our favourite ones.


Allpress Espresso


One can’t exactly accuse Allpress Espresso of lacking brand identity. The specialty coffee roasters are extremely strong in this regard, with their warm brand colours – as used throughout their visuals and packaging – that exude warmth, simulating the tones of the coffee itself.

That – combined with the sheer consistency with which Allpress Espresso communicates its defining elements across all touchpoints, from paid social right through to its website – helps to achieve a highly appealing aesthetic across the brand. With their clear messaging and adherence to best practices, all of the brand’s adverts are of remarkable quality.




All that time spent at home since the first lockdown might have led you to develop a certain boldness in creating your own coffee recipes – and Nespresso is here to encourage you to keep it up, now that some degree of ‘normality’ (whatever that ever was) has returned to our lives.

Through its simple but effective adverts, Nespresso reminds us that we don’t need to venture to a brick-and-mortar coffee shop in order to enjoy professionally made coffee. Instead, one of its own machines will do the job with zero fuss.




There was a time when most of us probably wouldn’t have associated the Golden Arches with the coffee-shop market – even less so the somewhat pretentious coffee sector of today. And of course, the fast-food giant knows that.

We’re therefore rather fond of the self-awareness the corporation has shown in poking fun at fancy “overpriced” coffee shops, while comparing their fussy and complicated products to the simplicity of the McDonald’s offering.

A year-long social campaign by the restaurant chain that riffed on this theme presented a series of ways in which the brand “could” have marketed its coffee – such as placing its iced latte “in front of a random frosty peak” or showing “a cool breeze in the hair of a beautiful model” – followed by the peremptory tagline, “but we don’t”. It’s a great example of consistent messaging helping to give a unified branding approach.


L'OR Espresso


L’OR beckons those curious about sampling “probably the best coffee in the world” to “surrender to the pleasure of the blend”. And with its great use of a clean and premium CGI aesthetic in its adverts – making the most of the capabilities of CGI to show off its gold and dark brand colour palette – it is very much succeeding in that seduction job.


Hotel Chocolat


It may not quite be coffee, but the chocolate gifts brand Hotel Chocolat operates in much the same space. Our attention was captured by the chocolatier’s campaign launching the Velvetiser hot chocolate machine, featuring a hero television commercial video, optimised edits for paid media, and organic fun posts for social, all wrapped up in warm, complementary tones.

The paid ads all push to an optimised landing page showcasing the product with the embedded hero video – thereby creating a seamless user journey that increases the chances of conversion.




The ubiquitous coffeehouse chain won much admiration back in January 2020 for its #whatsyourname campaign, which acknowledged the custom within its cafes for the customer’s name to be taken, written down on a cup and then called out – this “signature act” being significant for some transgender and gender diverse people using their new name in public.

This advert’s simple message about inclusivity and the acceptance of members of the transgender community’s new chosen names was supported by organic social assets and an optimised landing page, built out with more stories from the community. It’s a brilliant brand awareness piece with a great message.


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