9 captivating brand identity examples for ecommerce stores

9 captivating brand identity examples for ecommerce stores

By now, the power and importance of a unique and memorable brand identity should not be in doubt – and it doesn’t really matter what sector your organisation is in. Whether your ecommerce store is about beauty, health and wellness, the home, or something entirely different, it remains imperative to construct and cultivate a brand image that says all the right things to your staff and target audiences.

You are likely to be familiar with much of the advice that already gets dispensed around the subject of devising a brand identity – such as how you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out and be bold. But not all organisations’ efforts at putting together a potent brand live up to this.

Remember that the most effective brand identity for your organisation won’t merely be composed of a snazzy logo or eye-catching colours. That’s because, when you are designing your brand identity, you should also constantly remind yourself of your brand ethos and brand origins, and consider which visual identity will best reflect your product offering and brand values.

Hopefully, you will already be more than familiar with those brand values, which will serve as a point of reference through the brand design process. Then, once you have finalised a compelling and relevant brand identity, you should be rolling it out across every single touchpoint for your audiences – starting with printed collaterals, and continuing through to your website and social media channels.

But enough about what you should be doing when developing a brand identity; let’s look at just nine great brand identity examples, showing how organisations like yours have actually done it.

#1 Goodfit

Image source: Goodfit

It’s easy for many of us to think of traditional puzzles as something belonging to a yesteryear before the emergence of smartphones and tablets with touchscreens. But should that be the case? Goodfit decided to think differently.

Far from a musty old throwback, this puzzles company is as contemporary as they come – having been founded amid the COVID-19 pandemic – and offers puzzles featuring exclusive artwork from emerging artists. The all-round feel of the brand is modern, slick and bold. In short, it’s very far from the anachronism that many might have expected.

#2 Le Puzz

Image source: LePuzz via ComingSoonNewYork

Another puzzle company in this rundown? Well, it is the colder and darker time of year, after all. Le Puzz, though, has leant into something very different with its brand identity – namely, that one can be warmly retro without coming across as irrelevant to the present day.

With its copious use of bright yellow across its website and product packaging, and a relaxed sense of fun, Le Puzz’s brand identity helps put us all in mind of what we loved about puzzles in the first place. Fresh, funky and classic typography completes the aesthetic.

#3 Knickey

Image source: Knickey via Samantha Nicole

With our undies being the first item of clothing that we reach for on a morning, it makes sense that an ecommerce store specialising in such products should apply the utmost care to this important category. And sure enough, that is the case with the organic cotton basics and underwear company, Knickey, which has formulated a modern, gentle and feminine brand identity.

The typography used across the Knickey website has a soft and subtle edge, while the attractive imagery of neutral colour garments is pleasantly complemented by pale and organic background hues.

#4 HNST Jeans

Image source: Let's Be Honest via Cosh.Eco

Many of the inclusions in this list of great brand identity examples rightly place sustainability front-and-centre among their brand values, and the recycled cotton jeans of HNST Jeans show this doesn’t have to come at the cost of style or quality. Furthermore, the brand’s website demonstrates that this can be talked about in a both purposeful and playful way.

The overall impression is of a minimal, yet attention-grabbing brand identity, not least embodied in the mission statement that these are jeans with “nothing to hide”. We are also admirers of how the primary red colour scheme has been combined with neutral beiges.

#5 Fulton

Image source: Fulton via Dribbble

Can you say that word, “sustainability” again? There was a time when great numbers of us might have considered the whole principle of sustainability as a bit of a “chore” – something to be dutifully complied with, perhaps, rather than enthusiastically embraced. However, the light, breezy and fun style of many of the brand identity examples we have covered here has comprehensively upended that.

It’s much the same case with the sustainable health and wellness company Fulton, which is committed to showing that our health is something exciting to talk about, rather than a subject to which we merely ‘have’ to pay attention.
The company produces insoles for better alignment support, recognising that many of us do not benefit from the support we need from our existing footwear. And with a website as engaging as this, complete with an earthy colour scheme that perfectly epitomises its sustainable values, Fulton powerfully puts forward its case for “a better way to walk”.

#6 Plus

Image source: Plus via Forbes

Even if you aren’t currently a proponent of the zero-waste lifestyle, the personal care brand Plus has put together a website that is so much fun to browse, it might quickly convert you. Sporting an aesthetic somehow both retro and unashamedly modern, the site grabs the viewer’s attention with its breezy, animated elements and a daring mix of reds, pinks and blues across its interface.

That brash impression is continued through the typography, which seems to be positively shouting at the viewer to buy Plus’s sustainable product. It’s memorable, and certainly works on us!


Image source: CHAIBOI

Should a tea brand always evoke gentility? If so, we don’t think CHAIBOY received that particular memo. With its minimal and stripped-down, yet brutalist web design aesthetic, it has to be the most “hype-beasty” brand in this sector – and that’s not a bad thing.

Landing on the store, the viewer is immediately confronted by striking imagery of black tea tins on a pale backdrop, along with clinical typography. The all-round feel is bold and edgy, but also one that leaves you feeling these would be intriguing and eye-catching items to have on your kitchen counter.

#8 Atticus

Image source: Atticus via Trendhunter

What qualities epitomise the modern man? The men’s skincare and grooming company Atticus has a clear answer, as shown through every facet of its brand identity: open, honest and confident, while also not hesitating to be vulnerable where appropriate.

The brand evokes this with typography that is powerful, modern and bold, set against a neutral colour scheme. Atticus’s product packaging, meanwhile, has its own eye-candy appeal, looking like the kind of thing that would draw the eye in any bathroom. Such elements all help to make the website easy and enjoyable to navigate.

#9 Auteur

Image source: Auteur

The luxuriousness of skincare company Auteur is apparent from one glance at its ecommerce store, and is sustained through to the products themselves, which are supplied in black bottles with embossed typography and marbled caps. Even their boxes are gold-foiled.

The Auteur website conjures up associations of easeful sophistication and opulence, with elements such as understated animation, beautiful serif typography, parallax scrolling, gorgeously shot photography, and relaxing, muted colour schemes.


Now is the time to move to create a powerful brand identity

Not all these brand identity examples will necessarily intersect with what you may desire from your own brand – but they are almost certain to have brought you a little inspiration. Remember that what you don’t want for your organisation’s brand identity is as important as what you do want, so there is always something to be learned.

Reach out now to Underwaterpistol’s experts, who can help deliver the creative touch that will elevate your ecommerce store’s brand identity – and in the process, support your growth. And if you want to discover some of the brand identities we've developed at our agency, check out our work.


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