Automation is Changing the Game for eCommerce - September roundup

Automation is Changing the Game for eCommerce - September roundup
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HubSpot Launches Native Ecommerce Integration with Shopify

HubSpot is one of the leading software companies when it comes to inbound marketing and sales. Their latest  Shopify integration allows customers to share Shopify data, including number of customers, orders, product listings, and produce purchases. All data is sent straight to their HubSpot platform without any hassle.

Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot said, "The combined power of Shopify and HubSpot gives our shared customers the tools they need to deliver even more sophisticated eCommerce marketing."

With this new integration, Shopify Merchants can action their marketing campaign to maximise conversions and make smarter marketing decisions through HubSpot. The goal is to be able to give merchants access to an unlimited array of reports aimed to finetune their marketing efforts. 

Merchants can save time spent on sharing data between different solutions on tasks such as sending transactional emails, analysing customer purchasing behaviours and optimising shopping carts. HubSpot are confident this will revolutionise how entrepreneurs attract and engage their customers.

Introducing Bulk Label Printing for Shopify Shipping

Source: Shopify

Every merchant knows how daunting it can quickly become when processing, packaging and posting multiple orders. This is why Shopify decided to launch Bulk Label Printing. This will allow you to buy and print shipping labels for several orders all at once from your order dashboard.

The main purpose of this development is to save time and establish a more effective way to fulfil your customer’s orders with speed and efficiency. The Bulk Label Printing feature will be a free upgrade for US & Canadian Shopify merchants. These shop owners will no longer need to click on each single transaction to purchase a shipping label.

The software is very intuitive and will highlight issues and suggest reasonable ways to fix them, especially if an order is missing vital information like product weight or an unverified address. Shopify continues to chase their goal of improving and make shipping easier to ensure goods are processed without a hitch and delivered to customers faster. 

Introducing Shopcodes: QR Codes That Make Mobile Shopping a Breeze

More great news from Shopify! They recently announced the introduction of Shopcodes, an app that allows customers to scan product codes and purchase products all from the comfort of their mobile phone. All merchants have to do is generate specific product codes via the Shopcodes app, and share them on across their various selling platforms and marketing efforts.

These codes are exclusive to shopping on Shopify. All customers need to do is scan the QR barcodes with their camera app, and they will be immediately redirected to your Shopify store or to the checkout depending how you decide to set it up. Shopify Merchants also have the option to assign specific discounts to each shopcodes.

An added bonus to this app is that it helps prospective customers become familiar with your brand and products, without having to physically type in your website’s URL, making the user experience more streamlined.

Additionally, it is set up with analytics so you can track where your traffic is coming and what sales were converted using this channel. The app is free for all Shopify merchants and you can install it through the Shopify App Store.

Target is Adding Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool to its App & Website

Target, the second largest retailer in the US, added an integration with Pinterest allowing you to perform visual search - Pinterest Lens. This means Target shoppers can take a photo of any image and then search for similar items in Target’s online store. For instance, if you see your favourite celebrity wearing a shirt you like, all you have to do is take a photo of it and Target will suggest identical or similar products. It’s that simple!

The objective is to connect online mobile shoppers to Target products. This creates a way to simplify how over 200 million Pinterest users find their products, bringing it in line with their mission to turn smartphone cameras into a search engine for commodities. Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President of Media and Guest Engagement at Target said “We’ve partnered with Pinterest for years—it’s a natural fit, thanks to our shared passion for creating inspiration and a sense of discovery,” 

She continued, “Now, Target is excited to take our partnership to the next level. We’ll be the first—and exclusive—U.S. retailer to bring Pinterest Lens directly into our apps and experiences, creating an incredibly rich and much easier way for our guests to explore, discover and buy millions of products at Target,”

IKEA Place, the Retailer’s First ARKit app, Creates Lifelike Pictures of Furniture in Your Home 

Source: Techcrunch

IKEA are determined to take your online browsing experience to the next level, creating the ultimate in-store feel for people shopping on their mobile. With the release of their latest ARKit augmented reality app, created in partnership with Apple, this smart shopping solution is set to shake things up for the industry.

Let’s imagine you’re shopping for a cool chair for a room in your house. Using IKEA Place, you can take a picture of where you’d like the chair to sit, browse for an item and place the item on the picture to see how well the product fit in with your place.  Images are in 3D, complete with lighting and shades with high accuracy, giving it a more natural feel. It also automatically scales the size of items selected to fit into space on your photo.

This will inspire people designing their homes, even without much interior design experience or skills. It will also help customers make better purchases, reduce returns and ultimately drive more traffic to IKEA.  I’m sure you can agree that this technology is set to be a game-changer!

These are some of our most exciting industry updates for September. What did you find most interesting? Let us know what you think. Feel free to contact us at any time.