7 Shopify apps that will help you increase sales


As a Shopify Plus experts, one of our primary goals is to help online merchants run their Shopify store. We want to help you increase sales, conversions and get the most out traffic to your online store. Building a website and popping some products online is not enough anymore.

You have to combine a variety of tactics to reach new customers to your online store, and another set of tactics to keep them coming back for more. The Shopify app store is full of thousands of excellent apps specifically created to boost productivity, facilitate smooth transactions, streamline marketing efforts and ultimately increase sales.

As a store owner, you have to equip your store with the right ammunition to create an inviting environment to prospective customers. Maximizing sales without acquiring additional costs is easier to achieve when you use the right combination of apps. 

The ultimate goal is to create a simple conversion funnel, turning browsers into buyers. By understanding your customers' journey, you can figure how what needs to be optimised. And thanks to some fantastic app partners, you can rest assured that there will be an app suited to your needs.

We’ve compiled a list of Shopify apps to help you optimise traffic and sell more. 

1. Sales Pop

sales pop shopify app


Sales Pop is considered one of the best popups for improving sales. Currently used by more than 30,000 active users, it has over 8,400 reviews. The app shows real-time purchasing activities on your store, so people browsing can see what other people are buying. 

This motivates browsers to make a purchase, quickly persuading them they can trust your business. Seeing other people buy from your store instantly boosts your credibility.  It also gives the impression of a busy store, a compelling tactic in increasing sales. 

2. Privy

privy shopify app


The privy app lets you customise and activate pop-ups on your store to give discounts codes, announce promotions and collect email signups. You can choose when and where you want the popup to be displayed, in order not to overwhelm your visitors. 

It's fully integrated with all email marketing platforms helping you to grow your email lists. With at least £2 ROI for every £1 spent on email marketing, this is an online merchant's best friend. Email marketing has been proven to influence sales more than most forms of marketing, making Privy a must-have for online stores.

3. ReferralCandy

referral candy shopify app


Giving your current customers an incentive to invite or refer their friends and families is a sure way to increase sales. With ReferralCandy, you can design a referral program that suits your business. 

You can offer discount codes or cash for each successful referral. This gives you room to implement a growth strategy and turn your customers into advocates of your brand. 

4. Hurrify

hurrify shopify app


Create a sense of urgency by prompting customers to buy thanks to a countdown timer showing how much time's left on a particular sale or offer. You can also display a countdown showing how many products you have left in stock. 

With Hurrify, you can place a timer on any page on your website or even a banner with a call-to-action button. The features will encourage your customer to click “buy” and boost sales conversions.

5. Tidio Live Chat

tidio live chat shopify app


Never miss out on a sale by attending to customer inquiries thanks to Tidio Live Chat app. This app directly connects your online store to your mobile phone, allowing customers to ask questions when they're on your website.  

You'll be able to close sales on the spot by providing immediate support, answers and, solutions. Your customers don't have to go through the stress of sending emails. When customers are ready to make a purchase, they often check across multiple sites until they find what they're looking for. 

Make sure you avoid losing sales and hot customer dropping off midway through the sales process, and install Tidio today.

6. Exit Offers

exit offers shopify app


Convince shoppers to make a purchase when they're on the verge of leaving your online store. Exit Offers activates a pop-up when users move their cursor on the exit/close button, and displays a tempting discount popup. You can also offer this to customers who abandon their shopping carts. 

The Exit Offers app gives you full control of the offers, including the look and feel of the pop-up, so it matches the look and feel of your website. 

7. Back in Stock

back in stock shopify app


Keep the buzz alive even when a product is sold out by using the Back In Stock app. Alert customers when a particular product is back in stock. The app allows visitors to fill out a form to get notified when a sold out item is back in stock.

This strategy will help you entice customers back to your site and maintain steady sales regardless of your stock levels. The Back in Stock app is fully integrated with a range of email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Klaviyo. 

Bonus 8. Growave


Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses reach, engage, and convert their customers. The app offers a variety of tools, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Q&A, Loyalty and Rewards, Social login, Instagram galleries, and more. Such multifunctionality of the app makes it the ultimate platform when it comes to online store conversions and sales, with it being as much as 6 times more cost-effective than any of the alternatives on the market.

Growave is the best tool for growing Shopify businesses who are looking to build engagement, invest in word-of-mouth marketing tools and increase customer retention.

Bonus 9. Cartloop


Your sales and support team in one app. Cartloop drives a 31% increase in revenue with 24/7 live experts that specialize in recovering those "annoying" abandoned carts. Through real-time, end-to-end communication, they provide tailored product recommendations and assistance, giving all customers that personal "shopping assistant" experience.

Moreover, through actively analyzing every conversation, the technology behind Cartloop unlocks an untapped goldmine of information, giving you the insights you need to know exactly why your shoppers abandoned their carts in the first place.

The above apps will simplify your conversion efforts, helping to get more sales. Thankfully most of these apps offer a free version or a trial, so what's to lose. Why not give it them a go and A/B test conversion rates to see which apps work for you. 

If you need some support, why don’t you book a free consultation with a Shopify Plus expert?