10 Social Media Tools For Your Online Business

10 Social Media Tools For Your Online Business
Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash

After a decade of astronomical social media growth, it’s safe to say this method of communication is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Social media has transformed the way people interact with each other on a day-to-day basis. And, it’s given businesses a more personal, informal way to reach and connect with their customers.

WIth 2.46 billion people using social media worldwide, online merchants need to be on top of their social media game. Social media offers a gold mine of potential traffic, especially when you understand who your target audience is.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to every online business. In the past, entrepreneurs had to pay for to advertise their products via the likes of TV, radio, newspaper ads, and magazine. Now, businesses can increase brand awareness and visibility through the power of a free social media account.

Although social media has endless options when it comes to creativity, it doesn’t come without its fair share of trial and error. A major drawback of social media is how time-consuming it can be, just trying to figure out a strategy that works for your business. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, instead, you need to figure out what your ideal customers respond best to.

Another obstacle is the fact that you are surrounded by millions of other online businesses, all doing their best to attract attention to their products. It’s easy for your social media posts to get lost in the millions of posts across platforms like FacebookTwitterInstagram and many more.

This is why it’s necessary to choose the right tools to help you create and maintain a social media blueprint that will make the whole process a breeze. There are so many brilliant tools available to help you manage, implement and automate your social media strategy.

Here are our top 10 social media tools:

1. Buffer


Source: Buffer

Buffer is easily one of the best social media tools in the industry. It allows you to schedule posts in advance, across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Buffer helps you stay on top of all your accounts and manage them from one platform.  Not only does Buffer saves you time, it also analyzes your posts to see how well they’re are performing, giving you insight into what’s working and how to optimise your posts for more engagement. 

2. HootSuite

Source: HootSuite

HootSuite is also a social media management platform. Created in 2008, Hootsuite was designed to help social media marketers schedule posts, manage multiple accounts, analyse data and measure content performance. HootSuite has more than 15 million users, and different payment plans to suit all social media managers. Their free plan is a great place to start if you’re just getting started.

3. Meet Edgar

 Source: Meet Edgar

With Edgar, you can conveniently schedule posts and organise content into categories. Where Edgar has an edge over other social media management tools is that it automatically recycles your old posts. So, forget about wasting time manually re-posting successful content, Edgar takes care of it for you. If you’re looking for a tool that automates and optimises based on performance, then it might be worth giving Edgar a whirl.

4. Canva

Source: Patreon

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Canva yet, where have you been hiding? Canva is the latest $1bn unicorn to come out of Australia. Pretty amazing, especially considering the fact that most of the core functions are completely free. Canva is a simple tool that helps you create professional looking designs and graphics. Loved by professional and amateur designers across the globe, using Canva even the most creatively challenged people can turn out amazing results.

Even those without an eye for design can easily create stunning posters, logos, infographics, flyers and social media posts within minutes. Canva has lots of templates, pre-sized for every social media platform. The drag-and-drop features make it easy to quickly create cool images for your social media account.

5. Crello

Source: Crello

Similar to Canva, Crello is another great tool for creating stunning visuals. There are over 10,000 templates available to design posters, email headers, and ad banners. But, their best feature by far is their selection of free animated images. This is a great solution for anyone looking to share more interactive posts on their social media sites. Regardless of what design skills you have, Crello is a straightforward, reliable, easy-to-use application. And, their core features are completely free.

6. Schedugram

Source: Schedugram 

Thousands of merchants are selling on Instagram through Shopify. Don’t miss out on targeting 800 million Instagram users that might be interested in your products. Schedugram removes the burden of having to manually update your Instagram pages, by scheduling your photos in advance. It also allows you to edit, resize and add filters to your photos within your web browser. You can also schedule posts across multiple Instagram accounts at the same time, and multiple users can use the same Schedugram account.

7. Feedly

Source: Feedly

Need motivation for content? Feedly is optimized for productivity and can help you discover interesting articles and posts in your industry. With the stress of running a business and making sure its operations are running smoothly, finding the time to search for trending content can be impossible. With Feedly, you will never run out of fresh content to keep your social profiles current.

8. Tagboard

Source: Tagboard

Tagboard is a simple social listening tool to find out what topics social media followers are discussing. It works by converting real-time content from top social media platforms into a dynamic live broadcast for your website, mobile and other devices. 

You can pull content from other social media users and combine it with your own social content. Tagboard is an effective way to develop new ideas for your social posts and learn which topics are proven to increase customer engagement.

9. Bitly

Source: Bitly

Most social media sites have a limit on the number of words and characters you are allowed per post. And, no one wants to see a 20+ character URL! Bitly shortens and optimize your URL links by allocating individual trackable links to each URL. This gives you an insight into audience engagement levels and campaign performances.

10. Facebook Shop

Source: Shopify

Did you know you can sell your products on Facebook? If your product sales have been dwindling down lately, you can revive your business by adding your store to your Facebook page. Shopify Merchants can sync all their products on their website using the Facebook Store app. 

Simply add a shop section tab to your Facebook business page, and this displays all the products available in your online store. You can add product information, pricing and customers can contact you directly via messenger.  Using Facebook Shop will not only widen your customer base but also significantly increase brand awareness. 


There you have it! Ten awesome tools to help simplify your social media marketing efforts and grow your business. If you need help kick-starting your social media campaigns, don't hesitate to book a free consultation with our team of Shopify Plus Experts.