A data-driven process designed to boost your Shopify conversion rates and revenue

You built your business. Now let’s make it stronger. We go beyond conversion rate optimization to tackle the key metrics you need to grow.

Increase My Revenue

A Data-driven Process

Increasing retention and customer lifetime value and order value make every customer more valuable. Automation makes every team member more effective. Data-driven marketing gives every dollar spent a higher ROI.

Ready to grow your business month after month with a data-driven process?

Increase My Revenue

What is a Growth Partnership?

An ongoing relationship where Underwaterpistol becomes a partner in your business. We take on the role of turning data into decisions and actions that move the needle on your KPIs.

  • Strategic guidance
    Have a goal in mind but don’t know how to get there? Using your data and our experience, we’ll help you find and act on your growth opportunities.
  • Conversion-focused design and dev work
    First, we find your revenue leaks and diagnose problems. Next, it’s time to create and test changes that will boost conversion rates and revenue.
  • Deploying Shopify tech solutions
    For any new function or feature you need, there is an app, service, or integration ot make it work. If there isn’t one, we’ll build it.
  • Digital marketing services
    Want more wallet-out traffic? We’ll help you deploy marketing tactics that bring in more of your ideal customers.

How does it work?

Month 1: Research & groundwork

Data allows us to better understand customers and their behavior. Collecting data means we have solid ground to stand on when making decisions to drive growth.

We will:

  • Set goals and KPIs we will work to improve.
  • Configure Google Analytics to deliver the clean and usable data you need.
  • Evaluate your current site design, with a focus on revenue generation.
  • Create a clearer picture of who your best customers are.
  • Evaluate your ecommerce strategy to find new opportunities for growth.

You'll get:

  • Dashboards that consolidate your data into a useful decision-making tool.
  • A proper Google Analytics setup that gives you clean, reliable data.
  • A detailed report that shows the findings of our first month of research.
  • Quick fixes that we can act on immediately (or that we have already fixed) to make your site better.

Month 2: Implement

Once we have collected data, it is time to start acting on it. Based on our first month of reporting, we’ll have action items to take on.

  • Leaks in your conversion funnel.
  • Underperforming marketing channels.
  • On-site messaging that doesn’t line up with your most profitable buyers.
  • Design and development issues that prevent people from buying.
  • Strategic holes that prevent you from growing other important KPIs.

After gathering our first month’s research, we’ll come together and present our finding. We’ll agree on action items, and start testing solutions for each one.

Month 3 & beyond: Optimize and iterate

The road to growth doesn’t end after 3 months. The first round of analyzing, implementing, and optimizing is just the beginning of our work together.

Each month we will:

  • Present and implement new revenue-generating strategic and design ideas.
  • A/B test site changes to find the most profitable solution.
  • Monitor and report on analytics data and site changes.
  • Consult on new opportunities for growing your business.
  • Take action to help you grow.

Ready to grow your business month after month with a data-driven process?

Increase My Revenue