360° Ecommerce Audit

We believe the traditional approach to ecommerce auditing is broken, so we’ve redefined it by putting the customer at the focus of the audit.

By unifying our efforts across strategy, design, development and digital marketing we create a truly holistic toolbox that merchants can access to fast track their ecommerce success.

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Our 4 Phase Approach

Brand Discovery

The customer journey starts with the brand discovery; this is the all important first impression. Getting this right will push more customers through your sales funnel, allowing the other strategies to succeed.

One of our strategists will analyse your GA traffic in detail. This allows us to see which acquisition channels work and which need a bit of TLC.

A full audit of your brand’s SEO, PPC and Paid Social will help us find any hidden flaws that could be impacting your channel ROI.

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  • Facebook ads audit - auditing the structure & type of ads, targeting and any technical errors. The outcome will be clear suggestions to improve ROI and a plan for scaling budgets to turbo charge your acquisition
  • Google ads audit - we'll make recommendations across the different campaign types including Search, Display, Youtube and Shopping. There'll be a focus on the relevance of keywords and targeting as well as the types of ads used (banners, video, text ads.)
  • SEO audit - we'll make recommendations and pay close attention to; keyword research (branded and non-branded), competitor research, content audit, backlink audit and a mobile site audit.
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Arguably the most important and fragile part of the ecommerce sales process, the first conversion can make or break a business. We’ve split this section into 3; UX, UI, and Tech.

We start by exploring the user experience and finding potholes in the journey. Making the route to checkout as natural and progressive as possible is key to getting that first conversion.

Inspecting the visual element of the site is just as important as the journey itself. Misplaced designs can be off-putting and distract the user from their intent. This report will focus on best visual design practises and be conducted by one of our design consultants.

There are hundreds of thousands of CRO technology apps that you can plug into your site. Quality over quantity is definitely true when it comes to ecommerce. One of our strategists will test and measure the effectiveness of each CRO technology and offer personalised recommendations.

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  • A comprehensive look at the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve your site user experience, visual appeal and overall conversion rate.
  • The audit will be structured in an easy to digest format, whilst ensuring that we delve in to enough detail providing actionable insights that are sure to make an impact on your bottom line.
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We truly believe that the user journey has only just started post-purchase. Neglecting the customer after their first purchase can result in huge missed opportunities for an e-commerce brand. Post purchase marketing can affect the brand discovery and CRO of your site; making it one of the biggest quick wins you can implement.

A post-purchase customer experience audit will evaluate how well you keep in contact with customers, how well they respond and what can be done to improve engagement and retention. We’ll also evaluate your post-purchase tech stack to see the effectiveness of your retention strategy.

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  • Retention Audit - deep dive into your analytics to find average churn and retention rates with a focus on improving ROI.
  • Tech Stack Audit - understanding your tech stack and auditing them so you get the most out of it.

Overall Health Check

This report is in-depth and granular, so we've included a top level overview to help you understand the findings of each audit. The health check is conducted by one of our lead strategists and collates all the data from each audit to give you a holistic and honest overview of your customer journey.

View Health Check Audit Details

  • Full outline of potential issues spanning from discovery to retnetion.
  • Priority list of fixes.
  • Actionable tips to ensure issues don't arise in the future.

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