As a subscription marketing agency, we help you optimise your subscriptions on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Done right, a subscription model will bring you steady revenue and a loyal following. So, how do you set your Shopify subscription store up for success? We supercharge every facet of your subscription brand – from the technical foundations (such as UX and development) to your growth-enhancing marketing strategies.

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Every subscription brand requires a solid strategy, whether you’re just starting out or looking to elevate an existing service. We use data to plan and optimise your complete offering, including the layout, functionality and that all-important content. 


Our team of developers sets up your subscription on ReCharge, ensuring every detail is bespoke to your brand. This means keeping the aesthetic consistent from the landing page, right through to customer accounts. If you’re migrating, we ensure your data is seamlessly and securely transferred. 


Next, it’s time to accelerate your service. The digital marketing team helps you acquire new subscribers with an email, SEO and paid media strategy. Soon, that soaring subscriber revenue will be streaming in. 

Why Underwaterpistol?

We’re Shopify Plus partners with an innate understanding of how a best-in-class subscription service is built. Our unique mix of expertise allows us to optimise every touchpoint, from the strategy and design, through to the development and copywriting. 

Work with our subscription marketing agency team if: 

  • Customers love your products so much, they want a steady, ongoing supply. We’ll get you started. 
  • You have an existing subscription service that isn’t fit for purpose; users can’t pause or change the frequency of deliveries.
  • You’re experiencing high churn rates and need a strategy that retains subscribers ( while acquiring new ones).  

The Brew Tea Co.

"Pushing the boundaries for exceptional food content online".

Ready to take their punchy blends from wholesale to retail, Brew Tea Co. was looking to “push the boundaries for exceptional food content online”. Their goal was to help customers “almost touch, feel and smell the tea” through their screens. They had the perfect products; now all they needed was the right ecommerce agency to elevate their store and subscriptions.

Learn more about how we increase average order value by 12% and mobile conversion rate by +15% for The Brew Tea Co.

Pooch & Mutt

Redesigning the subscription user experience

Working on the design and build for the ‘Build a Subscription Box’ engine, we enabled shoppers to quickly and easily pick their products and delivery frequency. They’re able to choose from the full Pooch & Mutt portfolio, with the option of mixing and matching flavours, as well as switching up their pack sizes.

Subscribers are then able to manage their subscription in the accounts section, so they can pause and cancel boxes without hassle. And, not only do they save up to 23% when they subscribe, but they also now earn triple PoochRewards (loyalty points) to spend on future purchases. 


Supercharge your subscription brand

Want to know exactly what a subscription store entails? Our in-depth ebook explores types of offerings, apps, acquisition techniques and brand love-boosting tactics for your store. 

Inside, we reveal all the details to consider before you start selling a subscription on your site. If it seems like a lot, don’t panic – reach out and our ecommerce experts will help you get started. And if you’re after a bit of inspiration check out these brands who have really made the ecommerce subscription model work for their businesses. 


Who does subscription better?

Our Show & Tell series is breaking down industry-leading ecommerce stores and what they are excelling at - but most importantly WHY.

Join our panel of ecommerce experts from ReCharge, LittleData, LoyaltyLion and Underwaterpistol, as they have 30 seconds to break down their favourite ecommerce stores - you, the audience, will then vote on the winners.

We'll be uncovering the secrets to success for industry-leading subscription brands such as Huel, Oatly, Wild, Bulletproof, Death Wish Coffee and Who Gives a Crap.

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Get in touch to find out how we can migrate or set up your brand’s subscription service. 

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