Migration Services: Magento to Shopify

Running an ecommerce store on Shopify is painless. Now, migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus is too.

In the decade since Magento launched, it’s been one of the top players in the e-commerce game, especially for enterprise-level stores. But times are changing!

Your choice of platform is one of the most important choices you will make for your business. Shopify is making a huge impact on how merchants manage every aspect of their business. Stores are being built faster than ever before, and profits are continuing to grow.

There has never been a better time to migrate from Magento to Shopify, and no one does Shopify Plus migrations quite like Underwaterpistol.

Why move your Magento store to Shopify?

Making a big change is never easy, but if you are ready to grow your business and your bottom line, perhaps it’s time to consider migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus.

So, how does Magento compare vs Shopify Plus and is it worth making the move?


For a long time, Magento’s biggest advantage was plain to see: Magento was free and Shopify cost you a monthly fee.

While there is technically a free, open-source version of Magento called Community Edition, we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Magento CE comes with no developer support. That means you’ll either need to be a Magento developer yourself, or start paying one pretty soon after you start. The next level plan starts at $2000 per month.

With Magento, you’ll also have to find your own hosting provider and pay for bandwidth. The more traffic you drive, the higher your costs. If you run over, you’ll have to upgrade, and you’ll face downtime where customers are unable to buy from you.

You’ll also have to invest in a full or part-time developer to handle new product and content additions, site changes, upgrades, security issues, and software bugs. Open source solutions are great, but often come with hidden baggage. Even just the initial setup and theme for your store can run into thousands of dollars when you include the assistance of a developer.

Shopify Plus is hosted for you and traffic is scalable, which means that you’ll never pay more for increased traffic or have to worry about downtime due to overload. Uptime for Shopify stores is 99.98%, so you’re customers will never miss out. Shopify Plus offers the easiest hosting experience of any e-commerce platform.

Magento has some great features, but being truly cost-free is not one of them. The older and more complicated the platform gets, the more expensive it is to run and maintain.

Ease of use

Shopify’s easy-to-use backend means you can customize your site, add products, add content, manage orders, and do everything else needed to run your store without requiring additional help from a developer.

Even installing new apps is quick and easy. Shopify’s curated app store means that all free and paid apps are plug-and-play and vetted by Shopify to ensure they meet Shopify’s high standards. In other words…less messing around for you.

The ease of use doesn’t stop with merchants either. It’s easier than ever for customers to purchase from stores with Shopify’s mobile-responsive themes and easy checkout framework.

From every perspective, Shopify has been built to make merchants lives easier.


For a long time, Magento Enterprise was the only real player in the enterprise level ecommerce game. If you were selling hundreds or thousands of SKU’s, it was your only choice. But, the birth of Shopify Plus changed that.

Plus offers solutions for merchants of any size. Even the largest brands can take advantage of the Shopify environment to grow and scale. No matter how many products you have, Shopify Plus can help you manage everything easily.

You’ll never have downtime or surprise charges because of bandwidth. Shopify Plus hosting can handle any traffic and order volume you throw at it. Scaling is automatic, keeping you online when you need it most. Flash sale or Blue Friday? Bring it on.

Shopify Plus brings unprecedented convenience and functionality to running industry leading ecommerce brands.


Shopify allows merchants to edit site content and style with an easy to use what-you-see-is-what-you-get-editor.

What does that mean to you?

It means you can add content and new products to your site, change styling options, and add new functionality through apps, without needing a developer.

You have more direct control over your site than with any other platform. Shopify themes and apps allow you to add endless features needed to run online stores. If you can’t exactly what you need, it can be built by our team of Shopify Plus App Experts.

If you need to go deeper down the rabbit hole, everything can be edited using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Shopify Liquid language. Instead of hiring a Magento developer-wizard for a difficult months-long process, you can take advantage of Shopify’s extensive design and development community and get your projects done on time and on budget.

Shopify is the fertile ground for boundless growth.

Ready to migrate from Magento to Shopify?

Moving ecommerce platform is a bit like moving home; things can get lost, broken, and it takes forever to unpack and settle in to your new home. But when you move your online store, that can’t afford for that to happen. Thanks to Shopify Plus, this platform is designed to make merchants money!

As Shopify Plus Partners, Underwaterpistol are here to migrate your online store from Magento to Shopify with zero downtime, so you can focus on growing your business.

Not only do we provide migration support, but we’re ready to hold your hand every step of the way ensuring a smooth transition from Magento to Shopify.

"Underwaterpistol were a dream to work with, they completely understood the direction we wanted for our new website and delivered quickly and to the highest quality."

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Full data migration

Moving to Shopify doesn’t mean starting over. We’ll move everything you’ve built to your new home, including:

  • Products
  • Content
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Reviews


All those small tweaks you’ve wanted to fix, but never quite got round too. Well, now is the perfect time to give your website an upgrade. We’ll drill down into the data on your current website to understand what’s working, and our team of UX experts will provide insight into UX/UI best practice to improve customer engagement.

Not only will we make your store look better, but our goal is set you up for success by improving functionality and make it easier for customers to make a purchase. Once your site goes live, we’ll continue to review and optimise your website, leaving you to focus on keeping your customers happy.

SEO audit and optimisation

Optimise your organic traffic and make it easier for your customers to find you. We’ll help you get your SEO house in order so that you can get that sweet organic Google traffic rolling in.

As we transition your site to Shopify, we’ll make sure that your technical SEO is optimized for the best results.

  • Site structure
  • Page load times
  • URL structures
  • Re-directs

WIll all be handled for you.

When it’s time to build out your new pages, we’ll start with a deep dive keyword and SEO research process. We’ll find the keywords that will lead your ideal customers right to your site and the products they are searching for. We’ll use those keywords to make sure your on-page SEO is taken care of on day one. We’ll handle everything you need:

  • Page titles
  • Headers
  • Image tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product names
  • Product descriptions

Google Analytics review

Setting up Google Analytics properly is key to growing your ecommerce store. For those who aren’t experienced in handling Analytics, it can start to become a living nightmare. However, once you have everything working correctly, it’ll become your new best friend. We’ll also make sure your Google Analytics is humming along perfectly, collecting data you need to make profitable decisions.