Moving on from Magento?

Here's the complete guide to a smooth Shopify Plus migration.

Migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus doesn’t have to be a tricky task. Once you understand the steps and expertise required, you’re already on your way to enjoying Plus’ brand-boosting benefits.

Soon, your business will be growing on a platform that’s flexible and customisable, allowing you to keep up with competition and finally realise your full ecommerce potential.

So, let’s get you started with this ebook.

In this ebook, you’ll discover every step involved in a Magento to Shopify Plus migration, from optimising the front end to making the most of Plus’ countless capabilities.

With a focus on making the move seamless – for you and your customers – this guide ensures that you have every eventuality covered.

You will learn:

👉 Every step involved in moving to Shopify Plus

👉 Some key differences between Shopify Plus and Magento

👉 How to mitigate any impact on your sales and digital marketing

👉 Helpful tips to supercharge your ecommerce store post-migration

And so much more.

As an eCommerce agency that has been building and migrating brands for the last two decades, Underwaterpistol understands the importance of having a solid development, design and marketing team in your corner. Our unique and data-driven migration process is a tried-and-tested formula that can be tailored to suit your business needs. For more information and to meet our migration experts, contact us today.