Ecommerce Strategy

Kickstart ecommerce excellence with a data-driven, expert-led strategy.

We audit and amplify your brand across all channels, from store to search to paid social.


We begin with a brand discovery exercise to analyse your customer journey. This involves looking at traffic in detail, and auditing your SEO, PPC and paid social activity. Once we can see what’s working and what isn’t, we build your bespoke roadmap. 


Next, we put your roadmap into practice. Our strategists team up with designers, developers, copywriters, email experts and paid social team to ensure all your digital channels are optimised. 


As part of a retainer, we continually test, learn and optimise across all of your platforms, ensuring they work together for one consistent, conversion-driving customer journey.

Why Underwaterpistol?

We don’t just give you a strategy; we give you a data-fuelled strategy that targets all touchpoints. Then, we bring together the right mix of expertise to help your ecommerce strategy soar. Work with us if:

  • You’re ready to supercharge growth with a holistic strategy that truly converts. 
  • Your current ecommerce strategy is falling flat, and you want to turn it around. 
  • You’re looking beyond mere planning for a team that will put your strategy into action. 
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