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A best-in-class customer journey is all in the look, feel and flow of your store. Elevate your ecommerce site with Shopify design, development and UX that converts.

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Design research drives the creation of a successful ecommerce site. Our process starts with a workshop, where we sit down with you to better understand the needs of your business and your customers. From there, we create the information architecture, user journeys, and wireframes that give purpose to your new site. From day one, your site combines airtight UX with your branding to maximise sales.


With a research-backed framework in place, our designers draw up plans for your new Shopify home. This includes a style guide to ensure that your brand personality is prominent on every page. Once you are happy with the design for your new site, it’s time for our developers to give life to your unique design. Your site then goes through a rigorous quality assurance process, making sure everything is perfect for you.


Post-launch, design doesn’t stop. As your brand evolves, our UX experts and designers continually work with you to ensure new site additions meet best practice. Whether you’re launching a fresh collection of products or introducing a loyalty scheme, we will adapt designs to ensure that conversion-driving user journey remains consistent.

Why Underwaterpistol?

As Shopify Plus partners, we have in-depth knowledge of what performs on the platform. This allows us to optimise and elevate every part of your design, from homepage to checkout. But our skills go beyond sheer function; we also keep our finger on the ecommerce pulse, presenting fresh, new themes and ideas that will make your brand memorable. That’s what design is all about. Work with us if:

  • Your store is in need of a redesign to get customers excited about your brand.
  • You’re migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus, which impacts your existing design.
  • You’re starting your site from scratch, and need help with your visual identity.

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