We’ve got your Shopify design and development needs covered

Get a website that’s a bit of a looker and brings in sales

Does your ecommerce business need a beautiful new website that also pulls its weight by encouraging people to buy from you?

You’re on the right page because it just so happens that’s what we do best. There are a few different ways we can bestow such a website upon you and, you guessed it, we’re about to walk you through them. The common thread is the Shopify ecommerce platform, which we believe is by far the best and easiest way to manage an online store.

Our Process

Research and Discovery

Design research drives the creation of successful ecommerce sites. Our process starts with a workshop, where we’ll sit down with you to better understand the needs of your business and your customers. We can help you discover if you need an existing premium theme, a customized theme, or a totally unique design.

After our combined workshop, we’ll create the information architecture, user journeys, and wireframes that give purpose to your new site. From day one, your site will combine a top notch user experience with your branding to maximise sales.



Working together, we’ll create a style guide to ensure that your brand personality is pouring out of every page. With that research-backed framework in place, our coffee fueled, 100% organic hipster designers will draw up plans for your new Shopify home.

Our focus on bespoke, conversion-focused design means that your Shopify store will look incredible AND maximise your ROI. Investing in high-quality design is the best choice you can make for your ecommerce business.

Are you ready to launch a new ecommerce website?


Once you are happy with the design for your new site, it’s time for our code-loving development wizards to take to give life to your unique design.

Whether you want to customize a premium Shopify theme, or want a completely bespoke, custom-made site, we’ll bring it to life. Once were done, we’ll put your site through a rigorous quality assurance process, making sure everything is perfect for you.


Now your site is ready to launch. It’s mobile optimised and able to easily integrate with thousands of Shopify apps and third-party services. More importantly, it’s ready to help grow your ecommerce sales like never before.

We’re here to help you move into your new home during the handover process. When it’s time for you to take full ownership of your site, we will:

  • Help you learn how to use your new Shopify site
  • Install and benchmark your analytics
  • Redirect domains for migrating stores
  • Securely transfer site ownership
  • Cry a little because it’s so beautiful and we can’t believe she’s all grown up and ready to leave the nest

Why hire a Shopify partner for design and development?

Your Shopify store is the face of your business, and your conversion rate depends on what your visitors see in that face.

New visitors will decide whether or not they want to buy from you within seconds of the page loading. Professional, conversion-focused design bridges the gap between your brand and your visitors to turn more browsers into buyers.

Designing and building a Shopify store that maximises sales from day one is a job for professionals. When you work with us, we’ll combine your deep knowledge of your brand, your audience, and your business with our years of experience and expertise to create the perfect storefront for you.

Our Design & Development Services

Shopify Store Setup

If you’re raring to go with a new ecommerce website, our Shopify store setup will get you up and running in no time at all. We’ve got setup options to suit all budgets and requirements.

Shopify Theme Customization

Perhaps you want something that’s more on-brand than a standard theme. We offer full Shopify theme customization services to turn your favorite free or premium theme into a personalized storefront.

Bespoke Shopify Theme Development

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, we’ll design and build a unique custom Shopify theme especially for your store. Get the perfect look and functionality for your business.


New to Shopify? We’ll help you move from your previous ecommerce platform. Let us handle the migration so you can start enjoying Shopify’s intuitive and easy-to-use admin.

Custom Development

Perhaps you need something a bit special. Whether that’s a piece of custom development or integrating your site with an API or app that’s going to help your business, we will make it happen.