The Couture Club

Bringing shoppers a collection of premium streetwear and accessories, The Couture Club is one of the fashion world’s biggest digital disruptors. When they approached us in 2020, they were looking for a Shopify Plus partner who could help them navigate the ecosystem, accelerate their growth, and give their loyalty programme the relaunch it deserved.
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  • +28% increase in overall conversion rate
  • +10% increase in average order value (AOV)
  • +58% increase in loyalty programme sign-ups


Correcting migration mistakes

In 2019, The Couture Club migrated from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus, where they benefited from being on a fully hosted platform with no need to worry about downtime or security. However, because the big move was carried out by a non-Shopify agency, the brand wasn’t able to make full use of the many revenue-boosting features available on the platform. 

That’s where Underwaterpistol stepped in. As a certified Plus partner agency, we were able to help The Couture Club optimise their online business, accelerate growth and get to grips with Shopify. By looking at the set-up and structure, it was clear that there were opportunities to introduce enhancements to the site, which were needed to ensure the store was developed in a Shopify-centric way.

Meanwhile, the front end was jarring with the brand’s premium identity. It lacked a set style and didn’t amount to a seamless user journey. The Couture Club felt ready for the next stage of growth, but these issues were holding them back. So, our challenge was to level up the whole site – including a fit-for-purpose loyalty programme. 


Setting the site up for success

First, we revamped the site to ensure it’s optimised for Shopify. Led by our Senior Developer, Tara Maguire, the team restructured the theme and brought the code base in line with Shopify best practices. Then, we looked at optimising the user journey on all fronts, from implementing essential UX fixes to giving the site a brand-boosting reskin. Here’s how...   

Optimising for higher conversions

Using tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, we ran a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) audit to identify at which points users were exiting the site. Then we created a comprehensive leakage report. This helped us understand where The Couture Club site was losing potential revenue, so we could uncover opportunities to increase conversions. 

Often, the smallest yet most tactical solutions will improve conversion rate, and this was certainly the case for The Couture Club. Pivotal updates included removing hero banners on collection pages to reduce scrolling, and refining product filters to increase discoverability. 

Style guide and reskin

For a holistic strategy to work, you need a holistic approach to creative. That means one unified brand identity, made visible through copy and design. Our Editorial Lead produced a tone of voice guide to fine-tune cross-platform copywriting, while UX/UI Designer, Sara Azmy, elevated the brand aesthetic with a new style guide and reskin. 

This included an update to brand logos, new fonts and a colour palette refresh, aligning the brand aesthetic with its premium product offering. 

Building a loyalty programme

While The Couture Club had a small loyalty scheme in place, the sign-up page was difficult to find and the old design jarred with the new style guidelines. To increase visibility and exclusivity, we refreshed the landing page and relaunched the programme with the LoyaltyLion platform. Then, multiple points of entry were created, including stylised footer banners and call-outs featured on product pages.  

Using Shopify Plus Scripts for bundles

With a range of plush tracksuits (great for lockdown lounging), The Couture Club is the perfect candidate for Shopify Plus’ scripts feature. We created a ‘complete the set’ function that gives shoppers £10 off if they purchase a full tracksuit, helping to boost average order value and basket size. 


Boosting sales and loyalty

+28% increase in overall conversion rate

With all channels working together and a unified visual identity at play, The Couture Club saw a huge improvement in both desktop and mobile conversions. 

+35% increase in conversion rate on mobile

CRO efforts led to a large spike in mobile sales. With reduced scrolling and quick filtering, the path to purchase was clearer than ever before. 

+10% increase in average order value (AOV)

Initiatives such as the loyalty relaunch, bundling offer and improved discoverability saw an overall boost in AOV and basket size. 

+58% increase in loyalty programme sign-ups

Enhancing visibility and elevating messaging for the loyalty scheme resulted in a sharp increase in sign-ups month on month.