Arighi Bianchi

In the midst of lockdown – when consumers were spending more time at home than ever before – luxury furniture brand, Arighi Bianchi, sought to renovate their digital marketing strategy. The goal? To inspire locked-down shoppers to refresh and redecorate their living spaces. The key? A digital marketing strategy that got the brand noticed by interiors-obsessed shoppers.
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  • +54% increase in overall conversion rate
  • +44% increase in online revenue
  • +155% increase in revenue generated by email marketing
  • +209% increase in conversion rate for traffic coming through email


Arighi Bianchi, founded in 1854, runs a thriving bricks-and-mortar store, housed in an iconic grade II listed building in their hometown of Macclesfield. But when lockdown led to intermittent store closures, they knew it was time to upgrade their digital strategy.

What they needed was a smooth-running direct-to-consumer (D2C) store that matched their luxury brand aspirations. But, more than that, they needed a plan to get noticed by house-proud (and housebound) online shoppers.   

When they approached us, Arighi Bianchi had recently migrated to Shopify Plus. However, they required the help of a Shopify Plus expert to rebrand, redesign and rebuild the store from scratch.

Not only did they want new branding and flawless site – complete with fresh logo, typography, icons and colour palette – but they also needed a digital marketing makeover to maximise the customer journey. 

This included email. At the beginning of the project, there was no segmentation, automation or personalisation in place to really speak to their subscribers. A one-size-fits-all approach was falling flat with customers, generating low revenue that fell 4% below industry benchmarks.

Add in under-performing SEO and a decline in paid social engagement, and one thing had become clear: it was time for Arighi Bianchi to digitally redecorate.


Faced with a huge renovation, our team of designers, developers, creatives and digital marketers came together to ensure a holistic approach across all channels. Here’s how we took Arighi Bianchi into a new era...

Complete rebrand

First up, Arighi Bianchi required a fresh and modern rebrand; one that would reflect their Pinterest-worthy accessories and sleek, chic furniture. Following competitor research, we presented an all-new, more contemporary logo, featuring a distinctive colour palette and subtle nods to their rich heritage.

Cerulean and grey tones set the scene for the new site, social media and newsletter designs. Meanwhile, updated logos and typography served to bolster this cooler, cleaner aesthetic. A new phase had begun. 

UX, design and development

With the new logo, typography and colour palette in place, we worked on a design direction for the site, with UX best practice integrated throughout. We knew that larger thumbnails on collection pages would allow customers to see the products more clearly, while a white background with grey accents would ensure each item pops on the screen.

Such conversion-boosting details were worked into clear wireframes, which formed the basis of Arighi Bianchi’s site rebuild. 

The new site was then built from scratch, with a host of new features that married form and function, including a customisable sofas tool that lets you switch between colours and fabrics.

Improved filtering now makes it easier for customers to navigate Arighi Bianchi’s large product portfolio, so they can quickly discover furniture in the shades, shapes and textures that will elevate their home. 

Overhauling email marketing

When we started, Arighi Bianchi had just one Welcome flow in place. And, without any personalisation or segmentation, their email figures weren’t as high as the brand had hoped. 

We launched a complete audit of their campaigns, templates, audience and subscriber churn, so we could map out the ‘low-hanging fruit’ that would help to elevate their email sales.

Then, we implemented three new flows. These included a full revamp of their Welcome emails, an Abandoned Cart flow and a Browse Abandonment flow – each with strong calls to action. Personalised subject lines were introduced to increase open rates, while the templates were tweaked and streamlined to lend a luxury aesthetic. 

Our team also created new campaigns with an updated and elevated tone of voice. By linking their products to trends and tips, we boosted the brand’s relevancy amongst subscribers.

Emails now link out to seasonal products, blog posts and optimised category pages, with clear, consistent copy that helps to excite, engage and convert.

Creating content for paid social

There’s no denying it: content is crucial when it comes to social media. That’s why we introduced a fusion of creative and paid social services to improve Arighi Bianchi’s click-through rates. 

Our Art Director, Fran Boyd, repurposed their assets to produce thumb-stopping videos and stills, which our paid social experts then used to target decor-loving customers.

We also introduced live targeting, allowing us to reach users who were moving home, and show them Arighi Bianchi’s latest furniture offers.  

Climbing the ranks with improved SEO

Our unique approach to SEO encapsulates both technical and content optimisations. By combining the two, we can supercharge results to help brands reach a wider organic audience.

For Arighi Bianchi, this meant fine-tuning the site’s back-end to create a strong foundation, then building content that targets an array of short -and long tail keywords.

This content included persuasive product page copy, optimised category pages, and rich blog articles that answers customers’ biggest home decor queries.

From ‘how to make a small living room look bigger’ to ‘how to get your garden summer-ready in spring’ – their new blog content provides useful answers, alongside easy-to-shop product page links for a more tangible return on investment. 


We’ve only just launched the rebrand and redesign of the site, and are expecting results to flourish even further when we look back in a few months. However, the results are already in from working with Arighi Bianchi on their digital marketing from November 2020 to April 2021. This is the performance for that period compared to the same period the previous year:


increase in overall conversion rate


increase in online revenue


increase in conversion rate for traffic coming through email


increase in revenue generated by email marketing


increase in revenue generated by search engine traffic