#EcomInsights: How to increase retention with custom loyalty programs

#EcomInsights: How to increase retention with custom loyalty programs

In this edition of our #EcomInsights series, we spoke to Georgie Walsh, Content Marketing Manager at LoyaltyLion, about how building emotional connections with customers is the key to generating loyalty and increasing retention.



Welcome to #EcomInsights, the series where we speak to the industry’s best-known tech tools and platforms about how brands can tackle challenges facing the ecommerce industry.

In particular, we’re looking to ecommerce experts to address the problems presented by the current economic climate, offering advice to help brands tackle rising customer acquisition costs, boost retention and maximise the lifetime value of their customers. 

Tell us about LoyaltyLion.


LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, helping over 10,000 ecommerce stores succeed by building long-lasting customer relationships. For us, loyalty is not an add-on, it’s our primary focus. We live and breathe retention with no distractions! 

How can brands make the most of loyalty programs to increase the lifetime value of their customers?


To make the most of your loyalty program, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re actually promoting it! If customers aren’t aware of it, then they can’t engage with it.

We recommend that our customers send their loyalty program messaging in post-purchase emails (this works a treat because shoppers can instantly see how many points they would earn from their purchase), install pop-ups or website notifications signposting to their loyalty program, or advertise special double points events on their social media sites. 

Every brand dreams of becoming a cult favourite. What can they do to help turn existing customers into loyal advocates?


To create a base of loyal advocates, brands need to focus on building emotional connections with their shoppers. We’ve seen brands achieve this by connecting with their shoppers through loyalty programs that speak to their customers’ interests.

For example, dog food brand Edgar & Cooper allow their customers to spend their loyalty points (‘Belly Rubs” as they call them!) on food donations to doggy shelters. Creating genuine moments of joy like this is what turns customers into loyal advocates. Edgar & Cooper can vouch for this - they saw a 53% increase in their retention rate after setting up their loyalty program.

What advice would you give brands to tackle the challenges posed by the cost of living crisis as we enter the new year?


Prioritise nurturing your existing customer relationships. If you do this, then when push comes to shove your customers will still choose you over a cheaper alternative because they’re invested in your brand on a deeper level.

Focus on building CLTV quickly by opting customers into your loyalty program as early as possible, engaging with them in between visits to speed up time to purchase, and re-engaging customers when they become ‘at risk’.

Finally, use your most engaged customers to help you acquire new ones more cost effectively. You can do this by incentivising customers to leave reviews, and giving loyalty points for referring your brand to family and friends.

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