Learn how you can increase organic traffic with a Shopify SEO Audit

Getting attention from Google is hard, so let us help. We’ll identify the issues that keep you from getting more organic traffic for your Shopify store and tell you how to fix them.

Increase Traffic

Google delivers traffic that costs. With a Shopify search engine optimization audit, you’ll learn where you should start right now to increase the amount of wallet-out search traffic to your site.

Ready to start driving more organic traffic to your site?

Why worry about SEO?

There many ways to get traffic to your ecommerce store, but they are not all equal. When someone finds you through search, it is because they’re looking specifically for what you have to offer.

Search engine optimization is one of the best investments you can make to drive the right kind of traffic to your Shopify store. The kind of browsers who are looking for the things you sell, with their wallets out and ready.

Organic search traffic has several unique advantages:

  • Searchers are actively seeking a solution for a problem or fulfilment of a desire.
  • People coming from search are self-selecting as interested in your products.
  • Additional traffic doesn’t cost more once you rank highly.
  • High rankings give you an air of authority and trustworthiness.

You already have an amazing Shopify site. It’s eye-popping, conversion focused, and customer friendly. Now is the perfect time to think about your SEO efforts to drive more wallet-out traffic than ever before.

What you’ll get with a Shopify SEO audit

  • A thorough audit of your sites current state of SEO.
  • A report on what items need to be fixed, prioritized by their impact and timeline.
  • A plan to continually improve your SEO in the future.
  • A guide to the metrics you should track to measure your SEO success.

Ready to start driving more organic traffic to your site?